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Lisa Harun Improves Lives Through Research And Technology

Lisa Harun is co-founder and CMO of Vapium Inc. She is a serial entrepreneur who has worn many hats in her career: editor, marketer, publicist/journalist, international development consultant, startup advisor, and co-producer of a Sundance movie. She’s worked at the UNHCR, edited a fashion magazine for the Middle East, and made a men’s suit out of …

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Health & Wellness Interviews

Julie Babyar Advocates For Clinical Research That Assists In Preventive And Restorative Medicine

Julie Babyar is passionate about collaborative infrastructures that support the advancement of both public health and biomedical research. She is committed to strengthening this advancement through dynamic, diverse relationships and supportive public policy. She is also an advocate for basic and clinical research that assists in preventive and restorative medicine, as well as research to find …

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