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How To Bust Your Own Glass Ceiling With Self-Care

You are your business’s most valuable asset. Can I just say that again? You are your business’s most valuable asset. Everything and everyone else is replaceable. You’re not. Your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health are the glass ceilings of your business. Yet so few entrepreneurs (and I’ve observed that women are particularly prone to this) …

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Health & Wellness Interviews

Sarika Nair Helps People Manage Their Weight And Nutritional Status

Sarika Nair is a diet and lifestyle consultant. She is very passionate about health and loves to help people be healthy the right way! She believes in a wholesome diet. She is an avid blogger and loves to share informative articles about diet, nutrition and healthy recipes. She contributes to many websites. Read our interview with …

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Health & Fitness Coach Health & Wellness Interviews

Jessica Perez Helps Individuals Accomplish Their Fitness And Health Goals

Jessica Perez is a health and fitness coach for Beachbody. She is a mother of one 9-yr-old son and loves spending time with her family. She is excited to be a coach and to help others on their fitness journeys. Since December 12, 2016 she has lost 18.5 inches and 6 pounds and is still …

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