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Amanda Biccum Teaches People How To Listen To Their Bodies For Amazing Healing Results

Amanda Biccum is a world traveling Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Living Coach & Yoga Teacher. She helps women #detoxnotdiet their way to clear skin, abundant energy and a body they love. Her practice is rooted in the wisdom of bio-individuality, helping each individual find the foods that fuel their bodies best! What motivated and inspired you …

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Accountant Coach Financial Coach Health & Wellness Interviews

Tiffany Stokes Helps Identify The Link Between Chronic Physical And Fiscal Problems

Tiffany Stokes is the Healthy Accountant. She helps women struggling with health and financial issues to understand the connection between physical and fiscal problems. Tiffany realized that there was a direct link between health and finance through her own personal experience having suffered for many years from financial hardship and health issues. Now she strives to help …

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Health & Fitness Coach Interviews

Minna Herskowitz Packaged The Beach In The Form Of Indoor Sand Fitness

Minna Herskowitz is a certified personal trainer and co-owner and operator of Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks, California. Minna has been training for 12 years; she is extremely dedicated to her clients and will do anything to help them meet their fitness goals. She believes there is a workout for everyone, you just have to …

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