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Amanda Biccum Teaches People How To Listen To Their Bodies For Amazing Healing Results

Amanda Biccum is a world traveling Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Living Coach & Yoga Teacher. She helps women #detoxnotdiet their way to clear skin, abundant energy and a body they love. Her practice is rooted in the wisdom of bio-individuality, helping each individual find the foods that fuel their bodies best! What motivated and inspired you …

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Melissa Strahan Exposes The Health And Beauty Benefits Of Red & Infrared Light Therapy

One of four cofounders, Melissa Strahan, is the heart and soul of Joovv. Her desire to connect and love on each of her customers is something that makes her truly special and the reason why she thrives as head of the relationships team. Melissa is best described in two words: compassionate and resourceful. She has …

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Health & Wellness Interviews

Julie Babyar Advocates For Clinical Research That Assists In Preventive And Restorative Medicine

Julie Babyar is passionate about collaborative infrastructures that support the advancement of both public health and biomedical research. She is committed to strengthening this advancement through dynamic, diverse relationships and supportive public policy. She is also an advocate for basic and clinical research that assists in preventive and restorative medicine, as well as research to find …

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