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Chantelle Lamoureux Creates, Designs, Plans, Promotes And Executes Events

Chantelle Lamoureux started her business, Lamoureux Events, in February of 2017. She offers a wide range of services including event planning, plan-assisting, event execution, event decor & design, marketing creation, social media marketing, and so much more. Lamoureux Events is BIG into Canadian Tire – most of their clients are various individual Canadian Tire stores that …

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Kimberly Burge Helps Small Businesses Grow With Beautiful Graphic Work

Kimberly Burge is the driving force behind End2End Media. An innovator with more than a decade of experience in graphic design, print, and web, she combines her fresh perspective with proven techniques to bring physical and digital mediums together. Kimberly’s main focus is helping local businesses grow and building up the small business economy. Throughout …

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Blogger Fashion Interviews Podcast

Karla Tolstoy Runs An Advocacy-Based Clothing Line With Her 15 Year Old Son

Karla Tolstoy has been an innovator, motivator and visionary for decades, reaching success in Europe as a CEO in the world of telecommunications. However, where her real gift lies is in helping people reach their own potential and become better versions of themselves. She has mentored dozens of young entrepreneurs, with many matching her own …

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Geeta Gosain Offers Virtual Event & Wedding Planning Services

Geeta Gosain has always been inspired by love stories so she used this passion to launch her own wedding planning company – Adore! Events|Weddings. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal when Adore! takes on planning any event. Geeta’s love for travel and learning about different cultures makes her the perfect choice to plan any event, whether …

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Author Coach Interviews Life Coach Speaker

Lindsay Adamson Turns Your Passions Into Profit So You Can Live The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

Lindsay Adamson is an international speaker, life strategist, success coach & author. She grew up in Toronto, Canada and from a very young age has had a great sense of ambition and a very clear vision for the impact she would make on this world. Lindsay’s biggest passion is to help others to reach their …

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Interviews Virtual Assistant

Sacha Brant Helps Entrepreneurs Get Their Time Back

Sacha Brant, like roughly one in four women, was a victim of domestic violence and financial abuse. She believes entrepreneurship is the perfect solution for financial abuse survivors, too often finances become the tool abusers use to try and keep their victims captive and under their control. Along the way, she transformed into a survivor which has …

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Author Blogger Interviews

Sareeta Lopez Helps Fellow Rape Survivors Feel Less Alone With Her Feminist Blog

Sareeta Lopez is the blogger behind Flight & Scarlet, an Edmonton-based blog with the aim of making feminism and related topics more accessible and less elitist, as well as helping fellow survivors of rape feel less alone. In her spare time, Sareeta likes watching Netflix, reading, going for walks, and playing with her little cat, …

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