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5 Safe Beauty Products For The Pregnant Hustler

Congratulations! You are about to start the family of your dreams. Between eco tests, mommy courses and shopping for baby clothes, you might have noticed that something feels different about your body. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes, especially when it comes to the hormonal makeup. To adapt to the …

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5 Resources For Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs

What is it that you look for in your hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail tech? Is it solely based on talent? Or does quality professional service and continued education play a part as well? It’s not always easy being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. You have to manage your time and clients. You have …

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Adriana Aronet Brings Luxury To Everyday Routines With Her Microfiber Luxury Hair Towel

Adriana Aronet was born and raised in Romania, the beautiful country of Dracula. She quit her job as a mechanical engineer and started learning and working on her LA ARONET dream. She had always been told by people around her that she has an eye for beauty, especially interior design and fashion. What motivated and …

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