3 Strategies For Promoting An E-Commerce Store In 2020

3 Strategies For Promoting An E-Commerce Store In 2020 LadyBossBlogger.com

Are you looking for the right strategies to get your first or more e-commerce sales?

This guide is for both novice entrepreneurs and owners of profitable online stores that want to achieve their goals for 2020.

3 Strategies For Promoting An E-Commerce Store In 2020

1. Create a promotion

A large budget to create a store and a beautiful design do not guarantee sales in the first month after opening.

To start off, ensure you have planned opening promotions to create interest and have launched your user-friendly website.

2. Plan for quick sales

Before you start promoting your online store, you need to determine the competition in your niche.

  • Choose products or product categories that have proven themselves to be profitable
  • Determine traffic channels that will give you optimal conditions for self-sufficiency
  • Optimize your starting budget then select the region to promote your main products

The largest online stores started with selling specific products.

For example, Amazon started selling books but has since expanded to selling everything. 

Things to analyze at this stage:

  • Products with high demand and good margins.
  • Products with quality competition.
  • The marketing channels and strategies that your competitors use to promote their products.
  • The competitive advantage of your business and your products (what makes you stand out).
  • Any weaknesses that may hinder your promotion.
  • Customer demographics.
  • What fears and apprehensions customers may face when choosing what to purchase.

The quality of the planning phase affects the effectiveness of future traffic.

3. Technical corrections

The modern user is accustomed to a large variety of eCommerce sites that are fast, mobile-friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. To achieve this use extensions like SEO Suite for the best results. Without these properties your online store will not perform at its best.

  • 47% of users expect the site to load within 2 seconds
  • 40% of people will leave the site if its page takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 73% of users say they will never return to a site that has not loaded for a very long time

To attract traffic to your online store, SEO promotion and social media advertising are mandatory.

Search for possible problems within your online store that can affect the effectiveness of promoting products on advertising channels.

Recommendations for solving some problems are as follow:

Advertising experts will check:

  • Static URLs for filters
  • Working URLs with GCLID and YCLID tags
  • No redirections on target pages

SEO promotion:

  • No duplicate pages or meta descriptions
  • Working URL
  • No internal technical errors
  • Micro markup pages
  • Site compliance with Google

If you send transactional emails to your clients and plan to do e-mail marketing in the future, make sure that your DKIM/SPF/DMARC records are correct so that your emails do not end up in the “Spam” folder of your recipients.

Implementing these recommendations is an essential part of preparing your online store to attract customers. Without it, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

In addition, some recommendations can have a strong impact on user behavior on the site and on the cost of attracting each client.

3 Strategies For Promoting An E-Commerce Store In 2020 LadyBossBlogger.com