4 Shockingly Easy Ways To Start Your Newsletter Today

Almost every time to go to a company or influencer’s website, a box pops up asking you to enter your email. This allows them to send promotional details and newsletters right to your inbox. Newsletters are a great way to interact with your audience.

Maybe you’ve been curious about starting a newsletter but aren’t sure you should or could. You should! And you can! They’re easier than you would think. Here’s how!

Why companies and influencers use newsletters

Newsletters are a marketing strategy that businesses and influencers have used for years. They achieve multiple things in just one email:

  • Sharing promotional materials
  • New product information
  • Any updates to the company’s direction
  • Reinforces the brand’s identity
  • Establish credibility
  • Creates a rapport
  • Most importantly, it keeps the brand or influencer on the audience’s mind.

Starting a long-term project such as a newsletter can seem a bit daunting. But don’t worry! By breaking it up into different sections, it becomes much more manageable.

1. Create a distribution schedule

Create a schedule. Whether it be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, have a schedule. Ideally, you want to be in their inbox and on their mind as often as you can, but you want to be careful not to overwhelm them.

Once a week is the happy medium. However, if you aren’t able to put one together every week, you can spread it out a little-but not longer than once a month. Again, the point is to stay on their mind.

Once you have your schedule, you need to decide what to put in it!

2. Include updates

Tell your audience what you’re up to.

Start with your social media accounts, the brand they’ve seen.

  • What have you been posting recently?
  • What platforms can they find you on?
  • Have you had any sponsored content recently? Direct them to those posts.

Then after that, don’t be afraid to get a little more personal. You are your brand; you want your audience to get to know you and support you. By building this rapport with them, it will keep them coming back. So, get them invested in you and your story!

If you have pets, let your audience know how they’re doing.

  • Did they learn a new trick?
  • Did they get a new toy?
  • Or are they simply enjoying laying in the sun?

Most people love animals and will want to hear about yours.

You should also include a section for your weekly or monthly favorites-depending on the schedule you chose. Whether you’re trying out a new moisturizer, pair of headphones, resistance bands, or smoothie recipe, let your audience know. But it doesn’t just have to be products.

  • Are you binging any new shows?
  • Is there a new album you’re obsessed with?
  • Is there a book you simply cannot put down?

Fill them in!

3. Tips, quotes, and more!

If you like to give advice or tips on your social media platforms or blog, you can include some additional ones in your newsletter. Or maybe quotes are your thing-you can include one at the beginning or end of every newsletter.

One fun thing you can do that can make you stand out is giving your sections, or even your newsletter as a whole, a fun name that matches you and your brand. Many influencers with dogs will call their pet update a Pupdate. And the company Good Influence(r) calls their newsletters Love Letters.

A name adds another personal detail to your brand and strengthens your image and identity in your audience’s mind.

4. Visuals

When starting a newsletter, you want it to look professional and well put together. One way to do so it by using a template. Sites such as Canva has many free templets to try out.

You just want to make sure your spacing on the page is easy to read so you won’t overwhelm your audience.

Don’t forget to include pictures of the products you are referencing, the things you’re trying, and your adorable pets. You can also include relevant GIFs for a fun way to break up the sections of the newsletter.

Start your first newsletter today!

Newsletters are a valuable marketing tool to have in your arsenal and shouldn’t be underestimated. Take a deep breath, trust yourself, and go and write your first newsletter!

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Grace Lopykinski is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the University of Tennessee and is studying business administration and English.

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