How To Start A Business Selling Bracelets

How To Start A Business Selling Bracelets

Bracelets are always in high demand.

Unlike earrings where you need your ears pierced, anyone can wear a bracelet and that goes for both genders!

The jewelry market is highly competitive which means you need to niche down to offer something unique like charm bracelets for girls.

But before all that, how exactly do you start an online jewelry business?

How To Start A Business Selling Bracelets

1. Unique Value Proposition

Not everyone should be your audience when it comes to selling jewelry. Decide on WHO you want to sell to.

For example, if your bracelets cater towards elementary or middle schoolers, then you’re actually going to be selling to MOMS.

If you decide on high school or college, it’s a completely different approach in both marketing and styles you choose.

2. Digital Marketing

Most people shop online now, so your products should be visually appealing and taken with a great camera against a white background.

However, people like to also see jewelry “in use” which means it’s beneficial for you to invest in influencer marketing and get your target audience to model your products.

Don’t forget about reviews, people like to purchase things that other people have already bought and liked. No one wants to be your guinea pig.

3. Business Plan

Here are a few steps you need to do:

  • Know the goal and objective of your business
  • Allocate budget towards marketing
  • Follow smart tactics by using data
  • Price your product wisely according to the market

For example, if you are trying to decide on how to price a diamond bracelet, this may seem simple, but remember to compare diamond bracelets price online first and perhaps even list your competitor’s prices with yours to show that you offer the same value with a slight discount.


Nurturing a business is just like nurturing a child; you need to be both patient and gentle yet disciplined and firm enough to survive in the harsh atmosphere of the jewelry market. Good luck!

How To Start A Business Selling Bracelets