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We’re no strangers to the strain work can have on our minds, that’s why we create our sanctuaries at home.

But sometimes home can be just as chaotic as the workplace, that’s why I’ve created a list of award-winning decor from Etsy’s Design Awards Finalists to keep you calm amongst the chaos.

15 Soothing Decorations To Help Create Your Sanctuary From Work

1. Audiowood Black Barky

This turntable mixes the sounds of the past with the modern look of the present.

It doubles as a sleek statement piece for your home and cool / source of relaxation after a long day in the office.

The turntable actually plays records, so you can sit back and let the soothing sound of your favorite vinyl lull you into bliss.

Plus it gives you an awesome excuse to go thrifting for some old school records.

Audiowood Black Barky

2. Architectural Planter

It’s no secret that plants have been a rich source of relaxation for centuries.

Whether it be for essential oils, creams, teas, etc. a plant’s presence can ease the strain of your workweek.

This Etsy-based planter gives you a trendy chance to bring some of this holistic plant energy into your home and chase away your stress.

Architectural Planter

3. The Sling Chair

Everyone loves a vintage-looking wooden chair, but who likes to sit and relax in one?

The answer is no one.

Well, this leather seated wooden sling chair is the exception.

It’s got all the style of an old wooden chair without the hard surfaces, making it the perfect place to sit and read a book.

The base of the chair moves with the curves of your body and molds to match you with every seat you take.

What better way to relax than to kick up your feet and sit for a while?

The Sling Chair

4. ‘Love Myself’ Vase

And we’ve got more excuses for plants in the house with this beautiful and inspirational flower vase.

Not only are you getting a touch of reassurance, but you’re also getting the smell of fresh flowers nearby (even if you bought them for yourself).

Each vase is handcrafted and distorted to mimic the curves of the female body, making every single one just as you unique as you are!

‘Love Myself’ Vase

5. Amaya Lamp

To keep on the topic of uniqueness, this lamp is made to order and created in different shapes and colors for every new purchaser.

Plus, lighting is huge when it comes to finding some sanctuary from stress.

The Amaya Lamp has a fun design while providing you with nice warm lighting for those peaceful evenings at home.

Amaya Lamp

6. Smiley Armchair

Bring a smile home to match yours when the clock hits 5 with this bright and bold cushioned chair.

The design hugs you in with its upward curves while being roomy enough to move around in.

You can even sling your legs over the side to rest your neck on the arm of this chair.

Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style?

Smiley Armchair

7. Plant Animals

Now that you have a blooming plant baby in your trendy planter, it’s time to dress it up.

These cute plant animals are just the accessory you need.

They’re handmade, moldable plant pals to add a touch of fun to your soothing plants.

Honestly, they were too sweet not to include in the list.

Plant Animals

8. KARVD Arch Liquor Cabinet

This one is self-explanatory… who doesn’t need a glass of wine to wind down.

And you can hide it all for yourself! Win, win in my book.

KARVD Arch Liquor Cabinet

9. Rustic Ceramic Dish Set

A cup of tea certainly won’t hurt a weary mind after a long day at work and this rustic dish set comes complete with beautiful handmade teacups, a bowl, and a large plate.

The design is simple with an innovative shape to it, making it a beautiful addition to any dish cupboard.

Now you can feel calm coming home to a warm cup of chamomile after a long day.

Rustic Ceramic Dish Set

10. Wall Planter

Plants, Plants, PLANTS!! We’re taking a circle back to the importance of plants in the home.

These little guys are so satisfying to watch grow and easy to take care of for a lot of benefits to you.

Not only do these green guys liven up your living area, but they also cleanse all those stressful vibes away.

Whether your here for succulents or flowers, this wall planter is a great way to build your plant collection without taking up to much space.

Wall Planter

11. Block Print Quilt

There’s no better way to relax than to wrap up in a cozy blanket and this trendy block quilt lets you do it in style.

You can keep it floral and fun with one side and make it more artsy with the abstract print on the other side.

It’s like having 2 blankets in 1.

You chose your path to relax.

Block Print Quilt

12. Calendar Wallplanner

The easiest way to avoid stress is to avoid unforeseen or forgotten events.

This satisfying wall planner won’t let you forget with its massive size and colorful coordination.

You can see the layout of your entire year with just one glance at this calendar to keep yourself on track and relaxed in and out of the office.

And though this year is rounding out to a finish, have no fear because the 2020 version is here!

Calendar Wallplanner

13. Concrete Homes Puzzle

I know we all have watched our share of satisfying videos on social media (don’t be ashamed, I’m even subscribed to a few) and this puzzle brings that satisfaction off the screen and on your bedside table.

Keeping your hands busy can be a good way to slow your brain down, especially after the anxieties of a workday and this simple puzzle never really has to be solved, so the mindless fun is never-ending.

Concrete Homes Puzzle

14. Acrylic Glass Perspective Wall Art

This wall design is another way to keep your body busy while your mind takes a little break.

No matter how you look at this piece of art you will always see a new picture.

Place it next to a window and every second of every day you will have a brand new piece of wall art to gaze at.

This can be really satisfying to watch and the hues it gives off in the sun will create a relaxing ambiance to your home sanctuary.

Acrylic Glass Perspective Wall Art

15. Nantes City Special Cards

Are you a collector?

Well if not, you can start with these eclectic card sets complete with a grid board to keep them on display.

Whether it satisfies you to collect every one of them or to make a new grid every day, this piece is definitely something to look forward to when you’re on the way home to your sanctuary.

We all need a home away from home and this decor can help you to build your in-home sanctuary.

Nantes City Special Cards

No matter what satisfies your relaxation cravings, this list can provide a piece for everyone to find their peace.

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