How To Utilize SmarterQueue For Social Media Scheduling

Keeping your posts timely and consistent on social media can be time-consuming when you’re juggling three or more social media accounts for business… and let’s not forget we have lives, too. But SmarterQueue scheduling can help with that! 

Automating your social media marketing on SmarterQueue can take away a chunk of your stress and give you your time back! SmarterQueue is similar to other social media scheduling platforms like HootSuite, Sprout Social, Social Pilot, and Buffer.

However, the unique benefits of using SmarterQueue include:

  • Organizing your content into categories (i.e., articles, inspiration, blog posts, questions, self-promotion, tips, etc.)
  • Evergreen option, so your social media profiles never run dry of content
  • Being able to find and share compelling content in seconds
  • Adding content from various places on the web
  • Incorporating rich media to your posts
  • Customizing your post text; with the ability to tag influencers (and others) and utilizing hashtags
  • Automating your link tracking
  • Optimizing your posting plan
  • Reporting and analyzing any of your social profiles
  • Having mobile accessibility to SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter-all of the favorite social media networks! No doubt, navigating SmarterQueue will be a bit technical to use at first, however, following these easy steps, you will be a pro at this in no time.

1. Creating And Setting Up Your SmarterQueue Account

First, if you don’t already have a SmarterQueue account, you’ll have to create one. While SmarterQueue is not a free social media scheduling platform, it does offer a 14-day free trial before investing in one of their plans.

Depending on the size of your business, they offer plans that will tailor to your needs. Check out to see which one will best fit your business needs.

During the sign-up process, you’ll easily be able to add all of your social media accounts in one sitting. Your screen will look something familiar to this:

Social Media

SmarterQueue social media scheduler ladybossblogger

After connecting your accounts, SmarterQueue will go over the benefits of utilizing their platform in a video. Additionally, the platform does a great job giving you a brief tour of navigating their platform.

2. Categories

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of using SmarterQueue is having the option to categorize your post. Ultimately, this will make your workflow much smoother, quicker, and neater. Save yourself time and stress!

Shown in the photo below, you can customize and color-code your categories to fit with the kind of content you plan to share.

Smcheduler ladybossblogger

When looking at the ‘Queue,’ where you access your post schedule, your posts can be viewed as a list, weekly, month, and best of all, be viewed by the profile or category. Which is where the category feature comes in handy.

3. Creating Your Content/Posts

To create your posts, start with the ‘Add Content’ option found at the top of the platform. It’ll give you several ways to add content, whether that’s creating it right on SmarterQueue, finding content online, importing from RSS, importing from CSV, your media, and/or re-sharing your best posts to date.

Option: Add Post

When manually customizing your posts on SmarterQueue, you can share the same text across all of your social media profiles. Though, because each platform is different, you’ll have the option to tailor them individually to fit with the specific profile you’re posting to. When drafting your post, your screen will look similar to the image below:

SmarterQueue social media scheduler ladybossblogger

You’ll be able to mention/tag others in your posts and use hashtags as you please while creating your posts.

Another advantage would be adding multiple links to your posts by simply typing or pasting them into the post text box.

A cool feature they offer is adding text snippets, which means you can save your frequently used-text snippets and hashtag lists so you won’t have to manually type them in every single time.

While creating your posts, you can add images, GIFs, and videos to your post. Can’t publish compelling content without that!

Other Content Options

If creating posts is too time-consuming, you have the option to find existing content to share. You can search it up by simply entering a search term, username, hashtag or URL in the search box found under ‘Find Content.’ It’ll only take you a few seconds and clicks to share that post. It’s time-saving and a safe option to go with if you’re looking for convenience!

Another option is to import content from RSS or CSV. It’s as simple as entering a blog URL for the RSS option. To import from CSV, SmarterQueue provides you with clear and concise instructions to follow to ensure your content is uploaded onto the platform safely.

To make SmarterQueue user-friendly, you have the option to add and share content directly from your media (computer).

Lastly, you’re able to re-share your best posts on SmarterQueue to boost your engagement on your social media profiles.

When you’ve chosen any of the ‘other content options,’ you’ll have to follow the same directions as you would need to when you ‘Add Post.’

4. Scheduling Your Content/Posts

You’re done creating your post. Now, it’s time to share your content with the world!

Under ‘Evergreen Post Recycling,’ you’ll get to choose whether or not you want the post to be posted once or if you want to re-queue after posting.

Again, to keep your social media profiles fresh and filled with relevant content, re-queuing the post would be a smart move. As shown below, you can also decide when you’d like your posts to expire.

SmarterQueue social media scheduler ladybossblogger

The last step to scheduling is under ‘When To Post.’ There, you’ll have the choice to choose what you want to do with the post. You don’t necessarily need to schedule it right away and can choose to save it as a draft. If you’re ready, you can post it right away; set a date and time, or you can add it to the bottom of the queue.

To view your scheduled posts, go to ‘Queue’ and you can find it all there! SmarterQueue allows you to view your content as a list, week, or by month.

List View:

Scheduler ladybossblogger

Weekly View:

SmarterQueue social media scheduler ladybossblogger

Monthly View:

SmarterQueue social media scheduler ladybossblogger

Overall, SmarterQueue is a unique platform and offers many features and benefits of using social media scheduler.

It’s always overwhelming to learn how to efficiently use new platforms, though, I hope that after you’ve read this, you’ll feel less intimidated to use SmarterQueue for your own business needs.

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