How To Get Started With Selling Products Online

Being able to start a business almost instantly without investing too much cash upfront sounds almost too good to be true.

But with social media, the right technology, and some inside knowledge, it’s totally possible!

How To Get Started With Selling Products Online

1. Look for a high-quality product

There are literally millions of products you can sell.

The tricky bit is narrowing them down and finding something good that resonates with you and your potential customers.

For example, My Door Sign is a retailer that has been selling nothing but signs for many years now and has been very successful because they niched down and focused on a specific product targeting a specific audience. 

2. Use a retailer, not a wholesaler

When people want to find a product to sell online, they usually turn to wholesalers. This is understandable, but not always necessary or desirable.

Finding a good wholesaler is tricky and there are a lot of hoops for you to jump through. If you are just starting out in business, finding a good wholesaler who will take you on as a client is hard.

Plus, most of them require you to buy in bulk. That means you are going to have a lot of cash tied up in stock. Items that you cannot be 100% sure will sell.

A far safer and simpler approach is to find a retailer, like My Door Sign, that sells good quality products, for which there is high demand. All you need to do is to sell them at a slight markup to make a profit.

Just select the products you want to sell and advertise them in the right places to get buyers. Or, you could go around local businesses, spot a gap in their signage and make sales that way.

When someone buys an item, you take their cash and order the product from the company that carries that product. Once it arrives you pass it on to your client. The difference in the price you pay and how much your client pays is your profit.

3. Find products in high demand

You do need to make sure to find a good quality product for which there is high demand. Reviews are a good way to reassure customers of quality.

Going back to My Door Sign example, if you visit their website you will see that they have over 15,000 customer reviews. When you bear in mind that only a tiny percentage of people leave reviews – that is impressive. They have clearly sold tens of thousands of signs.

You can also check demand using keyword research methods. If there are a lot of searches for a product there will definitely be a lot of buyers.

To make sales all you need to do is advertise those products in the right way. This 2-minute video quickly gives you an overview of 3 very effective ways to sell online.

Good luck!

How To Get Started With Selling Products Online