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Pheobe Diete-Spiff Tailors Stunning and Unique Clothing for Women

Pheobe Diete-Spiff has always loved fashion and because of her dedication to her passion, she has now turned her hobby into the business of her dreams. She is constantly seeking to better herself, consistently learning new tricks to her trade, and because of her persistence and patience in honing her craft, her clothing line is absolutely stunning and creatively unique. Many young ladies have […]

Melissa Harris Provides Moms with a Decluttered Life of Freedom by Organizing for Them

Melissa Harris knows what it is like to be a mom and feeling like you have a thousand things going on at once. Dedicated to helping other moms declutter and destress, she created the Feel Free Club. Read our interview with the lovely Melissa below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I always […]

Natalie Rosado Providing Excellent Graphic Design Work for Your Brand

Natalie Rosado is a multidisciplinary designer with over six years of professional experience. She has worked with top brands, nonprofits and individuals and continues to serve many clients across the US. She is a perfectionist that provides high-quality graphic design support in areas of branding, print and digital. Whether she is working solo or with a carefully […]

Dee Boswell-Buck Guiding Start-Ups on How to Reach Their Target Audience

Dee Boswell-Buck is an emerging social media queen. She went back to school after having her baby to become certified in Social Media Marketing and is now officially a #mompreneur. Read our interview with the lovely Dee below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I was very lonely socially while on maternity leave with […]

Lindsey Mango Changing One Life at a Time Through Fitness

Just a year ago Lindsey Mango felt like she was lost. She felt a constant pull inside of her to do something bigger. She tried to ignore it because she believed that she couldn’t have it all, that no one was really “that happy”, but deep down she wanted it and believed she could have it! Then the right opportunity crossed her path at exactly […]

Amanda Kerin Coaches Women on How to Create the Life They Want to Live

Amanda Kerin achieved two major goals in 2016 – living a laptop lifestyle and being mortgage free by age 40, however, it hasn’t always been easy for Amanda.  After many years in the creative industry, working as a Sony award winning Radio Producer, followed by a similar award winning career in Events, she hit occupational burnout. Amanda […]

De Lisa Patterson Helping Other Photographers Grow Their Businesses One Phone Call at a Time

Six years ago De Lisa Patterson started taking pictures as a creative outlet and to meet people. Today she is a published photographer with her work featured on print and online magazines including Elegant Magazine, BFB Magazine, and many more, you can check her work out here. She recently started a mentorship program for emerging photographers who want to […]

A’darah Paves the Way to Help Brand Small Businesses

A’darah broke free from her fears and depressing job that was causing her high levels of anxiety to become a serial entrepreneur. She is now the CEO of Queensview Creative Studios, founder of IAMQUEEN support group, and owner of Breaking Conference events. Her desire is to provide jobs for other creative entrepreneurs and become a catalyst for change through […]

Janine Truitt Left Corporate America to Become the People’s Champion

Janine Truitt took a huge leap of faith and left Corporate America after 10 years of dedicated service for various companies. She was tired of seeing the same problems over and over again at the firms she worked for and knew that she had to become the solution so she started Talent Think Innovations Read our interview with […]

Porchea-Londone Seeks to Empower Young Women through Fashion

With 14 years of fashion experience under her belt, Porchea-Londone started her blog to serve as a tool to empower women of all ages to find confidence in their individuality and to understand the importance of dressing with purpose. She address topics including style, inspiration, and encouragement on her blog. Read our interview with the […]