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Maria Wills Started Her Fashion Show Production Company When She Was Only 18

Maria Wills started a fashion show production company when she was only 18 years old and it has evolved since then. Currently she provides event planning, hosting, motivational speaking services, and consulting as well as produces her own weekly, monthly, and annual events. Read our interview with the lovely Maria below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? […]

Lisa Gunderson Tailors Successful Social Media Stories to Reach Your Target Audience

Lisa Gunderson operates her business and helps her clients succeed by using her unique and ethical “people first” marketing approach. She wants her clients to know that she understands each business needs a tailored plan to be successful in their industry and has helped numerous companies using this technique in reaching their goals. Read our interview […]

Victoria Van Zhong Saw a Problem with Residential Security Systems So She Fixed It

Victoria Van Zhong went from working a 7-3 security job at the Chicago Public Schools to seeing a problem with their security system, quitting, and starting her own business in order to fix the problem! Read our interview with the lovely Victoria below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I was working for […]

Dana Simone Educates Women on Time Management and Fitness

Dana Simone Stovall is a driven, engaging, serial entrepreneur. She has multiple business ventures, yet still manages to “keep it real” with her audience. She educates women on time management and fitness and more! Read our interview with the lovely Dana below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I believe in legacy and owning […]

Christina King-Rogers Started Her Skincare Company While Battling Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer

Christina King-Rogers was battling stage 3 thyroid cancer and couldn’t find anything on the market to treat her skin conditions, so she started her own organic skincare line. Now as a cancer survivor with the help of her own products she uses daily, she is helping other women achieve the same results she has had with her own skin. […]

Denise Ramirez Opens the Doors to a Hybrid Photography Company in Boise Idaho

Denise Ramirez saw a need in the town of Boise, Idaho for a photography studio, so she made it happen with her partner Scott Williams. Her desire is to bring local photographer enthusiasts, like herself, to a unique and professional environment to create, collaborate, and exhibit art work, which is what Studio Boise is all […]

Sheryl Simon Saving Business Owners Thousands with Accurate Accounting Services

With over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, Sheryl Simon has helped numerous business owners get back on track with their finances. She has saved owners thousands of dollars due to the precision of her work and delivered the peace of mind in knowing their finances are up to date and most […]

Tamsun and Merriam Encourage Creativity for Children in the Form of a Paper Box

Tamsun and Merriam are ‘mompreneurs’. The new moms wanted to encourage creativity in children… so they got creative themselves. They came up with the idea of filling paper boxes with various educational crafts – this helped simplify parent’s tasks because all they had to do was buy the box and helped children because it would keep them busy as they worked the […]

Pheobe Diete-Spiff Tailors Stunning and Unique Clothing for Women

Pheobe Diete-Spiff has always loved fashion and because of her dedication to her passion, she has now turned her hobby into the business of her dreams. She is constantly seeking to better herself, consistently learning new tricks to her trade, and because of her persistence and patience in honing her craft, her clothing line is absolutely stunning and creatively unique. Many young ladies have […]

Melissa Harris Provides Moms with a Decluttered Life of Freedom by Organizing for Them

Melissa Harris knows what it is like to be a mom and feeling like you have a thousand things going on at once. Dedicated to helping other moms declutter and destress, she created the Feel Free Club. Read our interview with the lovely Melissa below… What motivated and inspired you to start your own business? I always […]