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Are you looking to organize your team better? Have you been having trouble with communication or keeping everyone on task? Well, Slack is here to provide a simple solution!

Slack is your digital HQ, here to help you streamline your projects and overall business.

Here’s how!


First and foremost, you need to organize your teams and projects. Slack does that through channels.

The channels are organized by hashtags and listed all in the sidebar. The actual channels are set up like message chains, but with much more. Not only are you having conversations, but you can paste additions into the conversations. Those could include:

  • Polls
  • Goals
  • Charts
  • Reports
  • And more!

You can also search within the conversation to find specific things that were discussed.

The best part is you have internal and external channels. So, you can keep on top of your team, and in close contact with your customers. All of which are easily organized in the sidebar. And it does not matter the size of the group either.

Additionally, in the sidebar, you can look through things such as threads or mentions and reactions all on their own.

Slack connect

Slack Connect is how you connect with other businesses and customers-these are your external channels.

They have enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards to keep you and those you are connecting with safe. This security also reduces exposure to spam emails.

According to Slack, you could experience:

  • 4x faster deal cycles for a sales team
  • 64% decrease in backlog tickets for a customer support team
  • 2x faster closes in company acquisitions for a business development team

Slack Connect allows you to work faster with agency partners and service your customers faster.

Messaging services

Slack offers more than just organizing your conversations. All your conversations are saved, with the team or with one employee. Those conversations can be referenced and searched later. 

Slack has also enabled video and voice calls through the channels. You can call specific people or the entire team. And you can do things like sharing your screen to make presenting easier.

By downloading the mobile version, you are notified whenever there is an update or if someone is trying to get a hold of you.


Slack knows that it cannot do everything, but it makes sure you can. It has an App Directory of over 2,400 apps that you can integrate with it. There are no additional costs to integrate any of the apps and it works on the go on multiple devices.

Whether you need a workflow builder or file sharing, Slack wants to streamline the process.

Here a just a few of the apps you can use in tandem with Slack:

Digital HQ

Slack wants to be your Digital HQ.

Whether you are breaking down into silos or are trying to bring everyone together, you can. You can bring people together from all over the world, working across time zones.

You decide if you want to work synchronous or asynchronous, whatever is best for you and your team. Flexibility is key here.

If you choose to work asynchronous, Slack provides features such as video clips you record and share. They also come with transcripts to make them more accessible.

Additional resources

Slack offers a Resource Library to help you along the way.

There help center has things like:

  • Walkthroughs
  • Tips
  • Videos

You can also register for a webinar to pick up skills or learn more about Slack itself.

With the programs offered, you can add Slack Certified to your list of skills. They also have pages and pages of articles to help you along your way.

Whether you are confused about something and need a bit more information or you would like to grow your skills, Slack has something for you.

You want communication with your team and affiliates to be smooth and easy. Slack is a great way to streamline your business and tackle all your projects. Check them out today!

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