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Savi Style Hair Tie Bracelet v.s. Walmart Hair Tie

 Savi Style Hair Tie Bracelet review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

I personally don’t use hair ties too often but when I do, I like for it to match my outfit – does anyone relate?! I also like pretty things, I think most people do. But some hair ties can get pretty gross, or they get stretched out or have little ringlets of hair on them, you get the point. So I heard about this new Hair Tie Bracelet that holds your hair tie in place with a ‘bracelet’ and I thought it would be interesting to try out!

What makes it special

  • Great for fashionably transitioning your hair between morning workouts, daily conference meetings and happy hour with the girls!
  • Fashionable sportswear accessory meets the needs of everyday, on-the-go woman

Savi Style Hair Tie Bracelet review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine RauMy experience

The Packaging

The box it comes in is super chic! I still keep it in its box when it’s not in use haha! I think they nailed it by calling SAVI because that’s how I feel when I wear it.

The Product

It’s a little snug on my wrist, but I don’t usually wear bracelets so that may be why, I’m not used to having any wrist-trictions hehe get it? But it honestly makes me excersise more when I wear it. It’s like a reminder that at some point during the day I need to put my hair up and workout!

The Results

I love that it comes in different colors to match different outfits, but I think the black and white one that I have can honestly pair with anything. It goes well with workout clothes and can easily transition to being an accessory for my “business clothes” which are my PJs haha!

Savi Style Hair Tie Bracelet review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

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