9 Tips: Save Money and Invest in Real Estate

It seems that prices for everything are growing at a cosmic speed, including real estate. Well, it’s not surprising that many adults rent an apartment as it’s not easy to save up for your own property these days. We all need a little stability, right? But with the pandemic, financial crises, and layoffs in many companies, many have begun to earn less. It is still possible to buy real estate! And even more, you can do it by the time you graduate. Everything is possible with the right strategy! In this article, you will learn 9 tips for how to save money and invest in real estate, offering you options for passive and active income for you to combine.

1. Deposit your money with the bank

This may sound too obvious, but nonetheless, many people neglect this advice. Start by studying how the banking system works and what exactly a particular bank offers. Perhaps you will get so carried away with the process that you will think, “Can someone write an essay for me?” if the deadline for submitting your work is getting closer. Fortunately, you can always rely on experienced writers as, with their assistance, all your papers will be handed in on time.

And now, let’s get back to depositing. First, determine whether you wish to earn a little from the deposit every month, or would rather get a larger amount once a quarter, six months, or a year? 

In the first situation, open a savings account with the ability to withdraw interest every month. In the latter case, choose a deposit with capitalization when interest is added to the main deposit monthly. This way, you will get a large amount in the end.

Of course, long-term deposits are more profitable than short-term ones. Therefore, it’s better to start depositing from the first year of college. Client deposits are insured and subject to return in case of a bank’s financial insolvency.

2. Invest in dividend stocks

Receiving dividends from securities every year is more than possible if you choose them wisely. It is also an important step when you save money and invest in real estate.

First, look for preferred shares, not ordinary ones. Dividends for preferred ones are always paid, but when it comes to ordinary ones, the decision is made by the board of directors. Second, find promising companies whose profits (and hence the dividends’ size) are constantly growing.

Stocks, dividends, and IPOs are the foundation of the stock market. Surely, they are a great alternative to taking a student loan since the investor receives the rights to a part of the profit and property as a stakeholder. Buying shares in the primary market (IPO) allows you to become an investor in a company, receive shares at the best price and count on a higher percentage of profit.

Of course, buying and selling shares is not the only source of passive income. You can make a profit simply by having shares in an investment portfolio or on dividend payments. 

3. Look for outstanding startups

Everyone would agree that investing in a startup is extremely risky. Once you give them money, nothing else depends on you. Will they be the next Facebook or Microsoft? Or will they end up broke in a few months? No one knows, but with some analytical skills, intuition, and luck, you can find a talented startup and get good royalties as they succeed.

4. Get into cryptocurrency

No doubt, cryptocurrencies are our future. Bitcoin was the first to appear on the market, followed shortly by Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and others. You can buy cryptocurrency through special exchanges, for example, Binance or Currency. To do this, just create an account and link a bank card.

Passive income from cryptocurrency is possible as you purchase and sell it. The difficulty is that their price is hard to calculate in advance. For example, in January 2022, the price of bitcoin fell to $36.8 thousand, but it was $67 thousand back in November. 

No one knows what the rise or fall will be throughout the year. For example, Harry Yeh, founder and managing partner of Quantum Fintech Group, predicts a rise to $400,000 in an interview with Bloomberg.

And this is not the limit. Jesse Powell, CEO of the Kraken crypto exchange, believes that the cryptocurrency price could reach $1 million or more in the next decade.

5. Monetize your hobbies

Hobbies are one of the best parts of our lives, and isn’t it cool to sell the fruits of your labor? In addition, leisure is a wonderful prevention of burnout and a way of self-expression. Let’s say you’re a talented artist but don’t know what to do with finished canvases. Or you make vintage boxes and just collect them at home. 

In short, let the world see your creations! Make sure you have accounts on trading platforms, such as Etsy. Also, tell your acquaintances about what you do, and then word of mouth will do its work!

6. Sell your stuff

Our homes often resemble a flea market, so the best thing you can do is just sell what you don’t need. Whether it’s your old notes and college textbooks, a retro jacket, board games, or even old vases – all of it combined can bring you a nice amount. In addition, a street sale is your chance to get acquainted with neighbors and upgrade many soft skills.

7. Register your copyright 

You don’t have to be an experienced photographer to sell photos. It’s enough to register on one of the photo stocks, be it Depositphotos, Shutterstock, or Dreamstime. Upload photos and get royalties for each download of the picture; that’s it!

8. Get cash back

Yes, making online purchases through special cashback services is unlikely to bring you millions. But here’s an advantage – you will earn on purchases that you would have made anyway. So, why miss out on the pros?

9. Mix business with pleasure

Each of us has knowledge and skills that are really worth using.

For example, if you have mastered a foreign language perfectly, then translate videos or articles. Have you visited many countries? Start a travel blog and share tips! Do you know a certain subject well? Get into tutoring.

Plus, as students, many begin to look for full-time jobs. It would be a mistake to believe that it’s impossible to get one without experience, as the main thing is to have a brilliant resume. In addition, there are various activities that you can do on the weekend. Luckily, they don’t take much effort:

  • Dog walking;
  • Babysitting;
  • Purchase of products for older people;
  • Looking after the house while its owners are away, etc.

To Sum It Up

Here’s the essential thing we want you to focus on. If you are to try passive methods of earning, be sure to invest only those funds whose loss won’t affect your standard of living.

What’s next? The way you control your emotions is more crucial than ever. Investing loves mindfulness. The less you worry, the better you analyze the market. Moreover, communicate with people and find out how they make money. Read relevant literature to broaden your horizons.

I hope this was helpful in learning how to save money and invest in real estate! And, if you apply these tips you should be set up for success.

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