5 Essential Resources All New Influencers Must Use

5 Essential Resources All New Influencers Must Use ladybossblogger.com

So you’ve decided to become an influencer, and you want to know how to grow a following and make money from it. The first thing you’re going to need to do is to find resources for influencers to help you get started. 

Luckily, the internet is full of resources that can help you become an influencer. 

These resources range from support groups to sites that connect brands with influencers. With the right tools and strategy, you could grow your following quickly and steadily increase your income. 

Here are 5 resources that newbie influencers must use.

1. Influencers’ advice articles

The best way to learn how to grow a following is to read how the pros did it. Practically every blogger has an article about how they became successful.

Some blogs are dedicated to helping other influencers grow, such as LadyBossBlogger. You can sign up to learn more and get 50 free business resources here.

Other popular blogs for bloggers and influencers include SmartBlogger, DoYouEvenBlog, Melyssa Griffin, and Sujan Patel

Side Hustle Nation occasionally makes case studies on influencers that grew fast and/or are very successful. Their interviews are full of practical tips you can use to mirror others’ success. 

2. Influencer marketing sites

Influencer marketing websites are dedicated to connecting influencers with brands to promote. Popular examples include Upfluence, Mediakix, and Traaackr

Agencies like Mediakix work directly with companies to pick the best influencers and strategies for their campaigns.

Websites like Traaackr and Upfluence have large databases of influencers that companies can search through to find collaborators. Some sites charge a registration fee, but others allow influencers to register in their database for free.

One unique networking site is Famebit, which is a free service mainly for YouTubers. It allows brands to propose collaboration opportunities for influencers to choose from. 

Perlu is a site for general influencers to find and collaborate with other influencers, which allows them to expand their reach through each other. 

3. Social media news and resource sites

As an influencer, social media is your job. That means you need to stay on top of everything that’s changing in the social media world, algorithms, trends, updates to apps, etc. 

Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner are news sites that are constantly updating readers on the latest social media news. They also post helpful tips and information for content creators of all kinds. 

You should also consider using social media organizational tools such as Tailwind and SmarterQueue. These apps can control all of your social accounts in one place.

You can schedule posts and messages for later, review analytics, and even preview your Instagram page grid.

4. Facebook groups

While you can totally choose to not collaborate with other influencers, it can really help your career to join an influencer Facebook group or other community of influencers

Some groups are for supporting other influencers, others purely for networking, and others educate newbies about making money online.

Not only will joining one of these groups get your name out there, you will interact with other small influencers and learn tips from bigger influencers.

Still, other groups are focused on influencer marketing and accept brands that are looking for people to collaborate with.

5. Online courses

If you really want to take your learning up a notch, you should invest in online courses and e-books. 

Elaine Rau of Ladybossblogger offers different courses to take your brand to the next level:

Signature Courses: 

Free Courses:

With online courses, you will learn and actually do more than you can by simply reading articles. If you put in the work required, the return on your investment can be incredible. 

While many resources for influencers are free, some of the most helpful ones do cost money. It can seem expensive at first, but you have the potential to make more back than you could dream of. 

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5 Essential Resources All New Influencers Must Use ladybossblogger.com

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