So many people today start home businesses or shun traditional employment to try to do it on their own. It can be fantastic, but many of us home business owners are doing it on a budget. We’re trying to find ways to get noticed, while saving money and spending as little as possible, at least in the early days.

One of the ways that many of us save money is with digital marketing campaigns. We advertise our businesses online. We spend time growing an online presence and getting noticed. We build relationships, we advertise across the internet, and we work with bloggers to promote our businesses.

This can seem much cheaper and more effective in the modern world than more traditional advertising methods. In the world where so much is online, why would we spend time and money on conventional printed marketing materials? Is it even still worth it?

Well, here are the top 5 reasons why you should do it (in addition to digital marketing).

5 Reasons To Invest In Printed Marketing Materials

1. There’s Value In Tangible Goods

In a world where so much is online, where we stream music and films instead of buying CDs and DVDs, there is still a massive value in tangible goods. We like to hold things in our hands. To feel them, to smell them and to really take them in.

This can stimulate readers minds in a way that something on a screen doesn’t. It can make a real connection because it is something real. We trust things that we can hold.

Tangible materials also demand looking at. People don’t open emails. They get so many every day from brands and advertisers. Many go straight to their junk folder, and others get deleted before they’ve even been opened.

Even those that are opened rarely lead to a click through. A leaflet, poster or banner in front of you needs looking at. It’s easier to see than to ignore.

2. People Still Love Print

People once assumed that eBooks and Kindles would replace books and magazines. Admittedly, ebook sales are significant, and some magazines and newspapers are online only. But, not all. People still love books, magazines, and newspapers. They even like seeing printed advertisements.

3. It Can Help You To Stand Out

When most small businesses are focusing all of their efforts online, and there is so much competition for every customer, anything that can help you to stand out from the crowd is fantastic. Using printing services to create marketing materials can give you an edge over your competition, just by being different.

4. Print Has Better Information Retention

When we’re online, most of us have a frighteningly low attention span. We’re often scrolling through social media in an attempt to waste time, or scrolling while we watch TV. It doesn’t get our full attention. This means that our ability to retain the information that we see is low. We never really take it in, so we can’t remember it later. Offline print is much more memorable.

5. Not Everyone Spends Their Life Online

While you shouldn’t avoid digital marketing, doing both can be worthwhile. Not everyone is online all of the time, or at all. Marketing on and offline gives you a chance to reach a much wider audience.

5 Reasons To Invest In Printed Marketing Materials