10 Preventable Reasons Influencers Leave Instagram

10 preventable reasons influencers leave Instagram ladybossblogger.com

Instagram can be a helpful tool for influencers, but if you’re not using it right, it can be the opposite.

Many influencers become fed up with Instagram and stop using the platform, but their reasons for leaving are often easy to avoid.

Here are just a few of those reasons, and my tips on how to prevent them.

1. They constantly get negative comments.

If you can’t stop getting negative comments on your Instagram posts, there’s a good chance people are just trolling you. Don’t let negative comments keep you from posting!

There is an option on Instagram to delete/limit your Instagram comments, so if you’re having this problem, and there’s no shame in using this feature.

2. People leave them rude messages.

Managing the messages you receive on Instagram is easier if you change your account to a creator account. You can do this under the account area of Settings.

3. They aren’t getting enough followers.

It may be tempting to find the easiest way to get followers, but whatever you do, DO NOT buy followers.

People can look at your follower list, and they can tell which ones have been bought and which ones are genuine.

The best advice I can give you for this is to be patient.

4. Not creating relatable content.

If you’ve considered leaving Instagram before, maybe it was because you felt you weren’t successful enough to be a successful Instagram influencer.

But you’d be surprised to see how many people want to see more relatable, less comparison-causing content.

Recent studies have shown that micro-influencers are now gaining popularity over macro-influencers, so now is your time to shine!

5. Not getting enough likes or comments.

Here’s how to prevent this one: tell your friends about your account and ask them to tell their friends, repost your photos, etc.

6. They keep getting reported for their content.

Chances are if you’re getting reported constantly and you can’t think of a reason, you may be the victim of trolling. Write to Instagram about your problem, and they should be able to get it fixed.

7. They’re following the wrong people.

If you’re feeling terrible about yourself every time you scroll on your Instagram, you should probably follow different people.

Comparing yourself to others is not healthy, so follow accounts that are encouraging to you and make you happy!

And don’t feel obligated to follow back everyone who follows you.

8. They’re addicted to checking Instagram.

Instagram can be pretty addictive. Luckily, Instagram now has a feature called “Your Activity” where you can see how much time you are spending on Instagram each day.

On this feature, you can set a time limit for yourself and set a reminder for when you’ve reached this limit. This can help tremendously.

9. They haven’t gained a previous following on a different platform.

How can you expect a bunch of immediate Instagram followers if you aren’t known first? If you don’t already have a separate blog or content creating website/channel, you should make one and gain a following on that.

10. They always end up hating what they post.

First, be kinder to yourself! If you hate a post you’ve made, ask yourself why you hate it. If you can’t think of a specific reason besides just hating it, you might just be self-conscious.

Keep being brave! If you’re posting positive content that doesn’t harm yourself or others, there isn’t a reason to be ashamed about it.

Instagram can be pretty frustrating sometimes, causing many people to leave the platform every day. But having an Instagram is important if you’re an influencer.

So, what should you do? Change Instagram to fill it with overwhelming positivity. Interact with your followers and encourage people with what you post. Instagram doesn’t have to be detrimental to you if you ignore the negativity.

10 preventable reasons influencers leave Instagram ladybossblogger.com

Elisabeth Chase is a photographer, student, and writer who is passionate about blogging. Through her writing, she hopes to help others learn how to blog and share what they love with the world.

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