6 Tips For Promoting Your Podcast On Social Media

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Podcasts are great ways to connect with your audience, spread ideas, and entertain others. Podcasters know the importance of correctly marketing their content in order to gain a devoted following. Just passively hoping people will tune into your podcast unfortunately will not work and will not allow you to have a successful podcast. Properly using social media to market your content will help you establish a following. Here are 6 tips for promoting your podcast on social media.

1. Use the right platforms

When promoting your podcast on social media it’s important to consider your target audience. Thinking about the type of person that would enjoy your content is important in understanding where to market it.

For instance, if you have a business podcast, it may be valuable to share content on LinkedIn, along with Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, if you have a comedy podcast, it may be valuable to upload on TikTok, along with Instagram and Twitter.

When in doubt, it’s better to advertise your podcast on more social media platforms. This ensures you don’t miss a key portion of your potential audience.

Here is a list of social media platforms you want to consider promoting your podcast on:

2. Partner with others

In order to maximize the reach of your content, it is valuable to partner with other creators on your podcast. Working with guests can allow you to have access to their fans who could potentially become part of your following. Their audience will want to listen to your guest and may end up loving your content too.

When hosting guests on your podcast, encourage them to share your podcast with their audience. They can do this in various ways such as on their own podcast or across their social media platforms.

When promoting your podcast on their social media, it may be nice for you to provide them with sharable content. This will make it easier for them to post, therefore increasing the likelihood that they share their podcast episode with their audience.

Here is a list of shareable content you can provide them with:

  • Images
  • Prewritten tweets
  • Clips
  • Links
  • Quotes

3. Have a giveaway

Creating a giveaway is a great opportunity for you to promote your podcast on social media. It also is rewarding and exciting to your audience as they can win a cool prize.

You can have listeners share your podcast link on their social media with a hashtag or retweet your post to enter your giveaway. This will allow them to drive traffic to your podcast, and help expand your reach and following. Therefore, this makes giveaways worthwhile investments.

4. Share clips and quotes

A great way to market your podcast on social media is to post shareable highlights from your episodes. Through posting highlights of your podcast, you give your audience a preview of what’s to come. Therefore, you give them the desire to tune into your podcast.

You can share links, clips, memes, and more. Some ideas of moments you might want to highlight include:

  • Funny moments
  • Emotional insights
  • Cool facts
  • Catchy quotes

5. Add hashtags

For social media marketing, using hashtags can be super useful especially on Twitter. Hashtags allow you to expose your content to a wider audience who would otherwise not see your posts. Using the right hashtags is important, however, as you want to keep them relevant to your posts to avoid looking spammy.

Look into what hashtags are popular and trending, while also working well with your posts. This will allow your podcast to appear under searches, driving up traffic to your social media platforms and therefore your podcast.

6. Have thoughtful timing

When posting on social media platforms, it’s important to keep timing in mind. Post at times when the majority of your audience is online. People are oftentimes scrolling on their social media pages from mid-morning until late afternoon. This makes it a great time to post about your podcast to get people to tune in.

Similarly, it’s important to be active on your social media close to the time your next podcast episode comes out. For example, if you are making your podcast go live at noon, post an Instagram story teasing the episode at 11:45 am. Then post on Instagram and Twitter when the episode goes live at noon with shareable links.

Being active on your social media in various ways before and after your podcast goes live will help you get a large amount of early engagement on your podcast.

Utilizing social media in the correct way can help you increase the visibility of your podcast. It allows you to discover a larger audience, driving up views and followers of your podcast.

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Promoting podcast social media LadyBossBlogger.com

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