How To Promote Your Nonprofit On Social Media

How To Promote Your Nonprofit On Social Media ladybossblogger

Just having 5,000 twitter followers or 1,000 Facebook fans is not the best measure of social media success.

You can have tons of followers who never click on your links or read your posts.

The goal behind having a social media account is to create and promote a flourishing online community of dreamy non-profit supporters – those who will actively engage with your content, respond to your calls to action, and share it with their networks.

How To Promote Your Nonprofit On Social Media

Here’s how you can promote your non-profit organization on social media:

1. Share your non-profit organization’s achievements

The most exciting task you can do for your non-profit social media account is to show the support from your donors and the great things done by your advocates around the world.

As an example, you can share a personal story on the impact you’ve experienced.

  • Post engaging, friendly pictures that draw in the audience instantly.
  • Use targeted hashtags to reach your desired audience.
  • Share user-generated content that your organization provides.

However, be cautious that you have appropriate permission before you share something personal.

Additionally, share your numbers:

  • The amount generated in a particular fundraising campaign.
  • The total number of people reached by the service.
  • The geographical area you impacted.
  • Other success metrics

2. Ask your followers/fans questions about non-profit organizations

Another method of promoting your non-profit on social networks is asking your audience questions.

The questions may range from:

  • How did you first learn about our nonprofit organization?
  • Why do you care about our cause?
  • Why do you support our nonprofit organization?
  • What is your favorite product created by the non-profit organization?
  • Who would love to support our cause?
  • Who is your true hero?

These questions can also be used as an opportunity to draw attention to a specific aspect of your nonprofit.

Another strategy that can highlight your mission or cause is “Did you know” questions.

3. Post upcoming and past events

Your non-profit social media platform is a great place to post your upcoming activities and past events highlights.

  • Create an event on Facebook and invite friends.
  • Publish photos of the event’s preparation.
  • Share teasers on features, speakers, and details.
  • Suggest followers to invite their friends.
  • Broadcast live during events.

These highlights are the most compelling reasons why followers will attend your event, while you also share the key details about how to get tickets.

Use a hashtag for special days and celebrations like #WomenInScienceDay or #InternationalWomensDay to gain more visibility.

4. Connect people through social networks

Social networks are the most powerful way to make people feel passionately connected to your subject.

Share hints that are related to the mission of your non-profit organization.

Ask a specific question through the social media account of your non-profit. Be precise about what you aim for and your specific goal.


Make sure your non-profit organization has a firm social media policy in effect and that the appropriate team members are qualified to create and post content.

How To Promote Your Nonprofit On Social Media ladybossblogger