How To Successfully Promote Your Blog On Instagram

How To Successfully Promote Your Blog On Instagram

Blogging and Instagram can seem like two entirely different mediums on the internet, but there is a need to promote your blog on Instagram.

Blogs are generally much longer and don’t have that many images. Whereas, Instagram is the opposite. 

So, if you have a blog, how can you BEST utilize Instagram to reach new followers? Here are some tips to get you on your feet.

1. Maximize your bio

The most natural thing to do with an Instagram bio is to have a link to your blog. But there are more opportunities to show off the kind of content you produce.

Looking at the LadyBossBlogger Instagram page, @ladybossblogger, we can see how Elaine Rau promotes this blog. She tags her influencer page and names herself as the founder of LadyBossBlogger. 

This is great! This lets viewers know who she is, how she is related to the blog, and where to find out more about her. 

The other VERY IMPORTANT thing she does is list what the blog does and is about. She also incorporates corresponding emojis to make it more attractive.

LadyBossBlogger Instagram Bio


I mean it, hashtag everything related to your blog post. It’s good to have an Instagram post coordinated with specific blog posts and the way people find those are through hashtags.

Common things to hashtag are yourself, your blog, topics within the post, and location. Even if the location hasn’t changed in a while, people there or looking around that place can find your content.

The more common or searchable your hashtag, the more likely viewers will see your post. 

Instagram Hashtags

3. Take advantage of Instagram stories

Utilizing the Instagram story feature can be fun and just as impactful. Stories have a great opportunity to make text dynamic as they flow across the viewer’s screen.

Having an intriguing series of videos and other story posts followed by a swipe up is perfect for promoting your blog. The posts build curiosity, the swipe up shows them where they can find out answers to their questions. 

Remember, it is best to post to your story daily, even multiple times a day to get the algorithm to work in your favor.

Even if you’re not writing a new post every single day, posting fun pictures and videos of yourself and behind the scenes works as well. 

Instagram Story

4. Add emojis

Posts should have more than just the basic information. Have fun!

Using emojis, effects, and filters make posts engaging. All of these features evoke a response in viewers, so don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Getting that brief moment of an emotional response makes viewers want to read and learn more about your blog. 


5. Respond to comments

When you comment on a post, doesn’t it feel good to get a response?

Responding to comments is a great way to engage with your followers whether it is with a question, compliment, or even a simple emoji.

Asking what viewers think of your blog posts is a great way to generate feedback and engagement. It also shows that you respond to your audience and are actively working on the blog. 

Especially if you are just starting out, responding to comments builds connections quickly. And with connections, comes the best promotion, by word of mouth. 


6. Create an aesthetic

Having an aesthetic for your Instagram can truly tie everything together.

Finding a layout that works with your brand can give your Instagram page more personality and therefore more interesting. 

Use a template that gives your blog an identity as well. Without even reading the post, followers can tell you’ve written something created just for them to check out!

LadyBossBlogger Instagram

Instagram can seem like a strange place to promote a blog at first. But with these tips, you’ll be promoting your blog flawlessly. 

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How To Successfully Promote Your Blog On Instagram

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