How To Add A Privacy & Disclosure Policy To Your Blog (With Templates)

How To Add A Privacy & Disclosure Policy To Your Blog

Having a Privacy and Disclosure Policy for your blog is a necessity you may have overlooked.

Getting all the formalities squared away when beginning and upkeeping with your blog can seem tedious and it’s really the little things we tend to leave unnoticed. Privacy & Disclosure Policies are just a few of these forgotten formalities.

These policies are required by law and are a NECESSITY in keeping your readers aware and comfortable on your site.

But do not worry, I’ve got everything you need to know about Privacy & Disclosure Policies and how to write one!

In the most basic terms, Privacy & Disclosure Policies have to do with your users’ awareness. Your users have a right to know what information you are using from them and whether your blog is being influenced in any way by profit.

So the biggest thing to keep in mind is that your Privacy Policy lets your users know what information you’re gathering from them and what you are then doing with that information, while your Disclosure Policy is there to let them know what products and posts on your blog are generating an income.

It all sounds a little complex and each Privacy & Disclosure Policy is unique to the blogger, but for those of you who need a place to start or just plain don’t have the desire to construct your own personalized policies.

I have included a template for each policy in the hopes of keeping your blog legal and trustworthy for all your readers.

Let’s start with a Disclosure Policy. I’ve created my own template, but have also provided a few links of more template options created by outside sources.

Privacy Policy Template:

As of [insert date] this blog has implemented a disclosure policy for all the affiliated social media channels as provided below:

[insert social media handles]

This policy is being published in order to maintain the trust between owner and user of this blog and it’s affiliated social media handles. This blog may receive compensation through marketing that affects the choice of product, topic, and other materials included in this blog. Every source of income for the owner of this blog will be disclosed to the user, but will not affect the opinions, beliefs, or reviews of these products. All content on this blog has been truthfully provided based on the owner’s own opinions. The owner of this blog and all affiliated social media has provided a list of all existing relationships with the following individuals, organizations, and companies:

[insert all sources of income]

You can find other templates for Disclosure Policies on:

Now, onto the more difficult policy of the two… the Privacy Policy. This policy should be more in-depth because of the many ways in which user information can be gathered and used on your blog.

Because of my lack of legal knowledge on these matters I’ve left the templates to the professionals and have included a few policies from outside sources that I believe are thorough enough to keep your users fully informed and avoid any legal formalities you may run into.

You can find some Privacy Policy templates on:

You can also use a Privacy Policy generator at:

I hope that the information I have provided has given you the jumpstart you need to create and implement your own Privacy & Disclosure Policies. As always good luck to you and all your blogging adventures!

How To Add A Privacy & Disclosure Policy To Your Blog

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