1. When we’re the victim of crime in our personal lives, people are understanding.
  2. However, things aren’t as comforting when you’re the victim of crime in business.

Your customers won’t care about what’s happened as long as they are safe.

These kinds of crimes can reflect poorly on your business’s reputation, and in extreme cases, it can end your business altogether.

As unfair as it seems, it’s a reality you need to accept.

Knowing this proves the importance of protecting your enterprise.

  1. First, we are going to dive into 5 ways to PREVENT SECURITY BREACHES.
  2. Then we will dive into 5 ways to PROTECT YOUR COMPANY’S DATA.

Ways To Prevent Security Breaches By Protecting Your Company's Data

1. Tackle Online Breaches Now

Invest in the toughest antivirus software.

Turn to IT companies who can track activity at all times.

2. Vanquish Vandalism

If you have a physical storefront, invest in a protective film for windows which stops graffiti sticking.

It would be wise to install exterior CCTV’s as a further deterrent. They are quite cheap and you can get a set for under $100!

3. Keep Your Cash Safe

Make sure you’re taking steps to protect your finances.

CCTV and alarm systems are best to ensure the police arrive fast if a breach takes place, but having a safe for your money is also essential for keeping cash safe at all times.

4. Feel Out Fraud

As important as it is to get the right gear to protect your company from outsiders, it’s equally important to hire the right people!

Your best chance to avoid getting scammed is to get reliable references for every employee and to check company accounts on a regular basis.

5. Protect Your Public Image

Every business wants to be in the media, but not for a high-profile lawsuit. If customers know your name because you sued that thief, they’ll remember you for the wrong reasons.

While it is crucial you get a law team inside; it’s also beneficial for you not to have to use them.

Again, deterrents are your best bet here.

Visible security lessens the chances of legal issues. Look into security guards who offer a physical presence which lets thieves know there’s no point attempting to breach your boundaries. 

The threat to your business isn’t just physical, you also have to make sure you’re attending to CYBER ATTACKS and VIRUSES.

Hackers work around the clock to steal people’s data, which is why you also have to work around the clock to prevent that from happening.

6. Minimize Human Error

Train your employees in GDPR so they can watch each other’s backs.

7. Split Up Your Data

Use a Cheap VPS to house your customer’s data. This special kind of private server is multilayered and constantly monitored so hackers cannot steal credit card information.

8. Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption is what mixes up easy to access data and breaks it up into little pieces to make it hard to hack.

Make sure to educate yourself on data encryption and hire a professional to help you out.

9. Create Multiple Passwords

Employees need to have a series of passwords when using the computers in the office.

Tell your employees to have three or more passwords for the different interfaces and software they use for daily tasks.

10. Have A Reporting System

When an employee is concerned about something regarding data protection, they should have someone to inform. Have a system whereby a person is the keeper of all such concerns, and who will report to you with news about something related to online security. Doubts and issues left unchecked can manifest themselves into much larger problems.

Data protection is somewhat of an afterthought for some people, however as you can see, it can all be blown away like a pile of autumn leaves if you don’t actively protect your business.