How To Navigate Pinterest Video To Help Grow Your Business

Pinterest Video

Pinterest is a powerful platform for users, as it can allow you to spread your ideas, brand, and products. The platform is always evolving, allowing it to be a great place to market your business. Pinterest Video Pins have changed the platform and are widely popular. Video content grabs the attention of viewers, increasing engagement and leading to growth. This can help spread your content and brand with Pinterest’s 454 million active monthly users. By taking advantage of this new visual way to post content you can help your brand succeed. Here’s a guide on how to navigate Pinterest Video to help grow your business.  

1. Start off strong

When making any type of video content, it’s important to start off strong. It’s essential to pull the viewer’s attention in right away.

By grabbing people’s attention as they scroll, you increase the likelihood of them staying to watch the rest of the video. This will help them learn more about your business and any products or services you have.

Get creative and use different images, colors, text, and more to grab their attention. Think about what grabs your attention when scrolling and try to integrate this into the beginning of your video.

2. Add text

Adding text to your videos is a great way to get people to notice your Pinterest Video. Text can stand out in the sea of photos present in someone’s Pinterest feed.

Text can also allow you to add context to your post, further intriguing users. Feature this text not only in your video but in your thumbnail to grab users’ attention

Also, text can make your videos relevant without the need for sound. While adding sound is a great idea to elevate your videos, not everyone watching will have their sound on.

Some people have hearing problems or are simply out and about and have their phone’s sound turned off. This allows your content to remain engaging and accessible to all users.

3. Be concise

In the days of TikTok, people have a shorter attention span especially when it comes to videos. People are used to getting content that is quick and entertaining, so make your content with this in mind.

On Pinterest, you have the ability to publish videos up to 15 minutes long. While there may be some instances where this makes sense, Pinterest recommends videos that are 6-15 seconds long.

Shorter videos perform better on Pinterest. Leave your viewers intrigued and interested in your brand, rather than boring and overloading them with information.

4. Prioritize SEO

When it comes to online content, never underestimate the value of your SEO. Your SEO is what makes your content searchable and visible to other users.

You can improve your Pinterest Video’s SEOs by making sure to have relevant titles, descriptions, and hashtags. Make sure you make them relevant to your post, to ensure your target audience and customer base finds your content.

Also, add tags to help others find your content. Pinterest allows you to type in keywords and pick relevant tags for your Pinterest Videos. This makes it simple to icrease your post’s visibility.

Try Pinterest Videos

Pinterest videos can be great tools to help grow your business. By making content about your band you can enable a larger audience to find your brand and become customers. Creating and sharing engaging videos has never been easier, and Pinterest is a great place to start. Start posting Pinterest Video’s on your profile and watch your profile and brand grow.

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