How To Grow Your Pinterest With Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is a great platform to share your ideas, creativity, brand, and products. By getting repinned and followers you can spread your profile and content with Pinterest’s 454 million active monthly users. However, you may have to strategize your approach to Pinterest, as not all accounts take off. By taking a closer look at your Pinterest Analytics you can learn more about your audience’s relationship to your content. This information can be helpful to help move you and your profile forward. Here’s a guide on how to grow your Pinterest with Analytics.

1. Know your competition

If you are a brand or an influencer, it’s important to know what other users your target audience is interested in. These users might be your direct competitors or just other brands that take up space on your audience’s timeline.

Find a list of brands your audience engages with under the “Your Audiences” dashboard of Pinterest Analytics. While this list might not be made up of only your direct competitors, you are still competing for their attention. If someone is only on Pinterest for a few minutes a day, you want to make sure they are looking at your content, not somebody else’s.

Look at the list and try to determine any patterns of users. Looking through these company’s accounts you can draw inspiration for the type of content your audience likes. Incorporating these ideas on Pinterest as a business or influencer can help your account gain traction.

Similarly, you can learn more about your audience’s demographics and interests as a whole. The more you know your audience the easier it is for you to relate to them and cater your content.

2. Prioritize the device

Another important detail to note is the type of devices your audience uses to access your account. This can help you better craft your content in the future.

Under your Pinterest Analytics, got to the “Your Audience” section. Here you can sort through the content by pressing “Your followers”. This gives you information on a more focused group.

You’ll have the option to segment your data by app or device. Through segmenting your data by device, you can see through what screen your audience is viewing your profile.

Pinterest’s format varies per device type, so this can be valuable insight for your posts. While looking at your analytics consider:

  • Which posts preform better on certain devices
  • The appearance of your content on different screens
  • How clickable your posts look on different devices

If you notice a place to make a change to make your content better across different devices, go for it. After the change, keep tabs on your analytics to see if your Pinterest Analytics improved and your followers grow.

3. Analyze Repins

Repins account for the repinning of your posts onto different Pinterest Boards. Repins are valuable, as it shows your audience liked your content and found it useful in some way.

Additionally, it can allow you to better understand what type of content your audience enjoys.

Under “Your Audience” go to your “Interests” tab. Then you can scroll down to your interests section. Here you can see the Pinterest Boards your content has been added to. This can help you understand how users view your content.

By scrolling through some user’s Pinterest boards, you can draw inspiration from other cool posts. You can also adjust your content to better fit these boards they are posting to help increase engagement.

4. Study top posts

It’s always important to learn from your successes. By looking at your Top Pins, you can hope to better your future content.

Find your top posts by going to your Pinterest Profile dashboard. This info will fall under “Power Pins”.

Try to see if there is a pattern with these posts. Is there a specific topic or form of content it seems your audience likes best?

Try to incorporate these themes into your future posts, in hope of having even more top-performing posts.

Pinterest Analytics can be a useful tool to gain insights into your account. By gaining a better understanding of your audience, you will be able to craft better content. This will allow you to enjoy more success on Pinterest and watch your account grow. So what are you waiting for? Take a peek at your Pinterest Analytics now!

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