How A Photoshoot Can Enhance Your Blog

Blogging is a great industry to be part of. Whether you do it purely for fun and sharing your passion, or monetize and earn a living from it, the visual side of things are a huge part of the whole blog and website. But, in a saturated market full of blogs that are appearing every day, it can often feel hard to stand out from the crowd.

One of the ways people are improving their blog is by taking more of focus on the photographs. We see more and more that people are theming their Instagram feed with particular color palettes and that people are making sure that the pictures are consistent in how they look and appear on the screen. One of the best ways to start enhancing your imagery is to take things a little more seriously, and a photoshoot for your blog posts could be the answer.

Whether you are reviewing a product for a brand, wanting to share some memories or take pictures of your family, being organized with a shoot could make a huge difference to your pictures. Here’s how to go about it.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger How A Photoshoot Can Enhance Your Blog

Consider the location

Any blogger will tell you, that much of what they produce can be sponsored by brands and be product reviews. But a lot of the content a blogger produces has a lot to do with what they blog about and for many that is themselves. They are the brand and their lifestyle is what gets blogged about. So using a location as a way to obtain excellent blog photos for yourself as well as the products you produce is a great way to boost your blog look. Websites like 1st Option could be a great place to gain inspiration and book fabulous locations for your blogging pictures. Often a location shoot can give you the backdrop you are searching for, enabling you to best show off the product or person you are photographing.

Think about the pictures story

Sometimes we can to be too quick to snap away and not take the time to think about the story behind the picture. What is it you are trying to capture? What do you want the reader to get from the picture you are taking? Sometimes thinking about the story you want to capture, can help to enhance the pictures you take.

Take time when editing the pictures

The way you edit a picture can make a difference to how the picture looks. Think about the colors used, the contrast and how light the picture is or how dark. Changing a few of the settings can dramatically change the way your picture looks. You may also want to consider cropping images.

Consider a theme and stick with it

Finally, many bloggers now consider a theme for their pictures. This goes hand in hand with editing as you tend to edit them in the same way. Some editing software applications will enable you to save a setting, allowing you to apply the same look to all the pictures you publish.

Entrepreneurial resources by female entrepreneurs on ladybossblogger How A Photoshoot Can Enhance Your Blog

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  1. Janice Wald

    Thanks for the validation that photo shoots are good ideas. I am always trying to improve my blog photography and have blogged about it often.

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    That’s a helpful post for a new blogger like us..thanks for sharing!

  3. nadaliebardo

    Hey! Yes photoshoots are so great. I did one when I first started my blog and thanks for reminding me that I’ve really wanted to do another one this summer for some more Instagram content.

  4. Gameicreate

    Helpful blog. Thanks for sharing unique photoshoot ideas. In this blog, best part of photography is picture photo story and colourful sticky theme for photographs.

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