Pamela Sommers Helps Women Reconnect With Their Inner Being

What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • Her advice for entrepreneurs
  • The tools she uses to make life easier
  • The 3 books she recommends to help bring more wealth into your life
  • Her beauty secrets that can help you look and feel your best

Pamela Sommers interview on ladybossblogger

How This Self-Help Author Runs Her Business Behind The Scenes

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1. What do you do? Who do you help?

I am a self-help author entrepreneur; my bestselling books include:

I help women reconnect with their inner being by encouraging them to be true to themselves and empowering them to go for and make their dreams come true.

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2. List your favorite business tools.


  • Buffer – This is a real time saver when it comes to posting on social media platforms.


  • MailChimp – I like it because it is easy to use and understand.


  • Canva – It’s a fantastic tool for creating graphics and it is also good fun!


  • Sage – I like its simplicity.

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3. What is a good course, website or book you would recommend and why?


  • Internet Mastery Course by Chris Cardell – I learned a great deal from this course when I first started out as an entrepreneur. It is very thorough and is a complete guide to internet marketing.
  • DIY PR Course by Amanda Ruiz – It is a great course and provides guidance and practical steps to help you when you first start doing your own PR.


  • Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas – This book is so relatable. It is down to earth and illustrates the Law of Attraction in everyday life.
  • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clayson – It has great investing advice and explains the importance of having multiple income streams, which is something I feel all entrepreneurs should have; more income streams = more opportunities to grow your wealth.
  • The Wealth Chef by Ann Wilson – This is a must-read book for women, it is all about money and is full of useful advice.

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4. What is the best piece of advice you have received?

  • Focus on the present – Most people are so busy focusing on the future that they miss the beauty and good things that are happening right now. This is a great reminder to take stock and appreciate what is going on in your life now.
  • Stay true to your values – It’s easy to get swept away by the opinions of others and ideas. It’s okay to observe others, just don’t lose sight of your own values in the process.
  • Never give up – Life as an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride at times. There are ups and then there are downs. However, if you keep going and don’t give up on your vision, you will get there.

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5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

  • Keep your dreams big and your costs low – It’s easy to get carried away and spend a lot of money when you first start out in business because everything is so exciting and new. However, as your business grows you’ll soon realize the importance of keeping those costs down. You’ll be so glad you did.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – Instead of looking at what others are doing and feeling like you are not as good as them, focus on yourself and all the great things you can do.
  • Don’t think about it for too long, just start doing it – Sometimes you can think about something for ages and it never comes to fruition for one reason or another. Why not just do it now and see what happens? That way, at least you’ve given it a go 

Keep your dreams bit and your costs low quote by female entrepreneur on ladybossblogger

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6. What is your beauty and/or fitness routine?


  • I cleanse, tone and moisturize my face at least twice daily – this makes me feel refreshed and ready for my day.
  • I apply a face mask once a week – I have done this since I was a teenager, it also gives me a chance to have some valuable me time, self-care is so important.
  • I exfoliate twice a week – this helps keep my skin smooth and in tip-top condition while removing any dead cells in the process.


  • Pilates – I do Pilates at least twice a week. This helps strengthen my core muscles and keeps me flexible. I always feel amazing afterwards too.
  • General workout – I do this every other day. This is usually a combination of stretches, crunches, squats, jogging and strengthening exercises using weights.
  • Horse riding – I find this very relaxing and I adore being around horses, plus it’s great for posture.

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7. List the products or items that are indispensable in your life.

  • iPhone – I love the connection to others it brings, especially the social media apps and I love listening to music and enjoy podcasts.
  • Books – As an author, I love to read, I think it is one of the greatest pleasures in life.
  • Crucifix necklace – It is special to me for 2 reasons; I am a Christian and it was a gift from my Mother, who died when I was 22.

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8. Which female entrepreneur(s) do you look up to and why?

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas – I think she is down to earth and great on video because she is so relatable.
  • Ann Wilson – She gives invaluable advice about money and encourages women to achieve financial success in what used to be perceived as a man’s world.

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9. List your social media platforms.

Pamela Sommers interview on ladybossblogger