Organize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

Life as an entrepreneur can be quite hectic at times.

With so many tasks to get done and running your business, as well as your home, can become quite the juggling act and pretty stressful.

How you manage your time can have a huge impact on you both mentally and physically.

Here are some tips to help you manage your time in a positive way, that can help alleviate stress and make the most of your day, making time for you to do the things that you love!

How To Organize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

1. Make a list

Things seem so much clearer when you write it down, this is because you are taking the thought out of your head and putting it on to paper, which provides immediate clarity and feels almost like a sense of relief.

Write down your intended tasks either the night before or first thing in the morning, try to do it at a time when you have a few minutes to yourself, so you can think clearly.

Don’t make the list too long, as this will seem overwhelming. Even if you only put down 2 or 3 things down that’s okay. Tick off the tasks that you complete as you go, this will feel so rewarding.

2. Do one thing at a time

Try to do one thing at a time. Doing multiple tasks at a time may sound like you are saving time, but in the long run this can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

3. Complete one task before moving on

Finish one task completely before you move on to the next or take a break. This will ensure that you focus on the task in hand and prevents making mistakes. It also gives you a sense of completion, as opposed to leaving several things halfway done.

4. Take regular breaks

After you have completed a task, stop and take a break, even if it’s just for 10 minutes to stretch and make a drink to keep you hydrated.

It is also worth remembering to take time out to prepare and eat your meals, as this will provide the energy that you will need while working.

5. Set reminders

If there is something urgent that you need to do; set a reminder on your phone or use your favorite home hub device to remind you. Setting it ahead of time, gives you a chance to prepare in advance.

6. Make time for fun

Remember the reason why you became an entrepreneur. Many choose this lifestyle to spend more time with the ones they love or to have the freedom to do what they’ve always wanted. Whatever the reason, make sure you give yourself time for fun!

Managing your time effectively takes practice and commitment, but once you have mastered this you will feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, your business will bloom and you will feel at ease with yourself, happy in the knowledge that you can have balance, both at work and at play.

Organize Your Time As An Entrepreneur

Pamela Sommers
Pamela Sommers is the award-winning & bestselling author of ‘Life Lessons from a 40 something…’ and ‘Building Castles In The Sky’. She is also the Founder of SommerSparkle, an award-winning online boutique providing jewelry and accessories for special occasions.