The One Thing Your Startup Needs (Without It, You Will Fail)

Forgive me for the clickbait title, but this is an important message which needs to get out.

I’m not going tell you that your startup needs a converting sales funnel or a very expensive Facebook ads campaign.

Another round of investment isn’t going to cut it either if you don’t have this in place.

What your startup needs most is YOU.


In order for you to be able to keep going at the pace you are going, you’re going to need support.  

And that means a business coach who can help you to execute the plan you already know needs executing.

This article will show you how a business coach can help your startup succeed.

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The One Thing Your Startup Needs (Without It, You Will Fail)

1. Rapid Growth

No one is born knowing how to be an effective company leader or CEO.

Becoming a good leader requires a mindset focused on growth and a commitment to pushing your own boundaries.

As you are hustling to…

  1. Build a team,
  2. Find working space,
  3. Develop your product or service and bring it to market,
  4. You are also growing yourself as a leader.
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A business coach will partner with your startup, help you set goals and make sure you meet them.

2. Personal Performance

As the founder of the company, what you bring to work everyday matters.

This means that your mind, body, and spirit must all be at their peak. If you are stressed out, burnt out, not sleeping or not feeling well, you cannot give your best performance.

Your business coach will review your daily routine and habits, recommend a peak performance plan and make sure you stick to it.

Building your leadership style is critical to your success, and a business coach can play in important role in evaluating the qualities that make you a great leader.

Providing insight into your personal behavior and giving you the right level of guidance when you need it will help you develop your own style.

3. Self-knowledge

Knowing yourself makes you a more effective leader, and a business coach will guide you in developing a deep understanding and awareness of yourself.

Look at it this way, an elite athlete does not get on the field without some coaching and neither should a company CEO.

When you are busy running a company, it is easy to put off self-examination.

A business coach will offer an assessment process and exercises that help give you the knowledge about your strengths, motivators, weaknesses, limitations, fears, and more.

4. Coaching The Coach

Building a company is quite different from building a product.

You may be a fantastic engineer, but scaling up a business and building a team and company culture may be beyond you.

A business coach will help you troubleshoot issues and identify changes that might be necessary to make in the day to day running of your team.

Your coach will give you a new perspective on your own skills or behavior that may otherwise hold you back from success.

5. Objectivity

Founders of startup companies tend to treat their ventures like their children. They have an emotional attachment and have invested time, money, blood, sweat and tears.

While passion is a valuable trait in a company founder, it can sometimes cloud perceptions and hinder the planning and execution of critical functions.

A business coach will remove the rose-colored glasses and give you an honest perspective of new innovations and a safe space to brainstorm.

Business coaches will help identify points of failure early in the startup process by using their objectivity and experience.

Without business coaching, your startup is unlikely to succeed so please consider investing in one. They will help you form the heart and soul of a strong team.

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