How To Get People To Notice Your Digital Content

In our wonderful world of social media, web marketing and digital content creation, there is so much that we end up scrolling past, without a thought as to what we’ve seen or just read.

Here, I’ll give you the inside scoop on how to keep future clients reading, engaging and coming back to your social media channels and website(s)!

Digital Content

1. Your pictures should tell a STORY.

In order for your digital content to stand out, you must do the same things that work for other people, but slightly DIFFERENTLY. 

Part of the fun that comes with creating content is using it to tell a story, also known as digital storytelling.

You can tell your story in many ways, but in order to catch people’s attention your picture must POP off from people’s feeds.

When you see an image, perhaps of a singular flower, find portions of the photo you can highlight such as the insect on the flower! Give it some soft focus and sharpen the area around the image, until the insect is what jumps out at you, not the flower.

Tip – Keep your photos interesting and diverse, but focus on maintaining a similar aesthetic across all your digital content.

Keep your photos interesting and diverse, but focus on maintaining a similar aesthetic across all your digital content.

2. The caption is EVERYTHING.

Really. A caption will be the reason someone stays to check you out or moves on to another post. I have spent large amounts of time creating content that flows with my captions.

People want to see a cohesive story, they want to see something that makes sense, can follow, and will make them smile!

An allusion to a popular event or a time-honored quote to go along with your images is something that clients have told me, “Yeah, I had to double take on that one!”

The same goes for text that is on your content. Each word needs to be intentional, thought out, and conveying or aiding in conveying your ultimate message. When you caption a post, think:

  • Does my caption make sense?
  • If I were one of my followers or a client, would this interest me?
  • What kind of reaction will the overall picture/caption combo create? Is this what I am aiming for?

This is always what I ask myself. You know what? Sometimes, a storyline does not fall the way you want it to, and that’s okay! Learn from those lulls, and you’ll emerge with gold, I promise!

Tip – If there is absolutely no genius caption that comes to mind, don’t stress! There are plenty of pieces that make a statement all on their own, and when in doubt, save it for another time. The internet will always be there when inspiration hits!

A caption will be the reason someone stays to check you out or moves on to another post.

3. TIMING will get you clients!

When I first got started, I posted whenever and wherever. I had no rhyme or reason to my posting, except to just get em’ out there!

This is a mistake. There is actually a methodical and calculated way to go about this! I break it down into two groups: Seasonal + Analytical.


This method of content will speak for itself, but as a digital storyteller, you know that there’s a season for your posts!

  • If you have a fall-themed post, keep those in the Sep-Oct range.
  • Wintery posts and Holiday projects will be around their corresponding holidays.
  • Wedding seasons usually occur in late spring and early fall, but if your target audience is local, be sure to check around for times and seasons specific to your location!

After posting a wedding slideshow during wedding season in my area, I found I was quickly contacted to find out how couples could get their story put together!

Tip – Seasonal posting is a little less work, but I find that if you take the time and post just a little bit earlier than the season “starts”, your content spreads and by the time the peak hits, your material is definitely out there!


Analytical timing is less looking at timeframe and more looking at numbers, days of the week people like your posts, and which hours of the day are your posts getting the most traffic.

I tend to bounce between both worlds, but once you figure out what days are your “hotspots” you can begin to publish content more effectively and gain steady traffic. These are key to getting new clients and eventually bringing yourself out there!

post just a little bit earlier than the season “starts”,

4. Your VOICE is extremely important.

This is something that I feel very strongly about.

As a storyteller, you write other individuals’ stories, you illustrate their triumphs, struggles, falls, dreams, and aspirations, but you, as the storyteller, have your own voice too!

Make sure there is some way your clients get to know YOU, whether it’s through a personal page, a website, or just a blurb that highlights you as an individual. People want to know who it is they’re working with!

Too often do I see pages of people who do exactly what I do, but I don’t know a darn thing about them, because all on their pages are just projects, but nothing about them except contact information.

Sure, they’re successful, but would you work with that “person”, or the one with just as much influence, a smiling face, who also loves dogs?

I thought so. 😉

Tip – There is nothing wrong with throwing in a laugh every once in a while, or using yourself for a project! That is an excellent way for clients to see how much you are invested in your work and it will grab attention! In addition to that, responding personally to comments, without the cookie cutter machine is a fantastic way to let your personality shine while connecting as well.

People want to know who it is they’re working with!

5. Versatility is your FRIEND!

Can you imagine having a toolbelt with just wrenches?


The same goes with your digital media posts! Spice it up! Learn a new skill, get into textures, typography, time-lapse.

There is so much we can do with digital editing and storytelling, and the best part is that there is so much out there, we never stop learning!

Currently, I want to fine tune my skills in double-exposure, but when people ask me what I can do, it is always handy to be proficient in more than one software, editing platform, and program.

You take a step ahead in the game that way, and at the end of the day, a possible client is looking for someone who can do it all!

Tip – There is ALWAYS more to learn! Looking into other media storytellers and programs to widen your skills is nothing to sneeze at. It will make you a stronger candidate, and keep you on your toes!

There is ALWAYS more to learn

These tips and tricks that I bring to the table get me lasting impressions every time, and of course, there are always rocky starts and challenges, but that’s how you know progress is on the way!

Remember, you can only go up!

Learning how to post smarter and thoughtfully is how your posts get the clients for you, and all you need to do is kick back and follow your formula!

Remember that everyone has their own sweet spot, and you’ll find yours, with patience! Don’t forget to take some time for yourself as well, after all, you are your own boss!

How To Get People To Notice Your Digital Content Elaine Rau founder of

How To Get People To Notice Your Digital Content Elaine Rau founder of


Marleena Garris is a freelance multimedia marketer, creative writer, and social media specialist. In her spare time, she loves checking out new work, solving puzzles, and indulging in a good mystery paired with a warm cup of cocoa.