5 Most Fulfilling Careers That Can Last A Lifetime

Some careers aren’t lifelong, or perhaps they’re not meant to be. We settle into careers when we leave school or university, and a lot of us will settle into something because we just don’t know what else to do.

Your degree might have taken you down a route that’s hard to be employed in, and it will lead you to try and get a job in something a bit easier to find, such as your average sales job. But when you don’t have a passion for the job you’re doing, it’s not going to be a lifelong career, no matter how much effort you try and put into it!

A lifelong career can be defined as one that has plenty of room for progression, the pay is going to be good enough to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of living, and you actually get enjoyment out of it on a day to day basis, rather than looking at the clock and wondering how long you have left before you can go home and jump off a cliff!

So, here are our top 5 careers for you!

5 Most Fulfilling Careers That Can Last A Lifetime

1. Personal Trainer

We’ll start with the one that’s only going to appeal to those of you who love sports. This is a super rewarding career path to go down, and there’s money to be made from it. If you are ever lucky enough, you could even be a personal trainer for the stars.

You will need to have the right qualifications, but you obtain them along the way after taking an initial sports course, such as sports science. The pay will be basic to begin with, but it’ll only go up as you become more qualified.

2. Paralegal

Arguably one of the more fun careers lines to go down, and definitely one of the more challenging. You will need to qualify to become a paralegal as you can’t just jump right into practicing law, but there are plenty of schools for paralegal studies for you to choose from.

You will then just have to decide what type of law you want to practice, and what firm to work for. The pay is obviously great as well!

3. Police

This is a lifelong career because you’ll find that the police force is always looking for new recruits. There’s always going to be someone that will need your help, and it will be by far the most rewarding career, but also the most challenging.

The hours are long, the situations you could be put in will be risky, but the room for progression in terms of ranks and pay is always going to be there.

4. Self Employment

This one would be down to you and your own creativity. You have to have that million dollar idea that will shoot you towards success. But if you do, being your own boss is obviously the best.

You control your own wage based on the profits you’re making, you answer to no one, and your life is so much easier.

5. Events Manager

We like this one because of the social interaction you get from it, and the potential the role brings. You could end up managing some of the biggest events in history, such as the Conor McGregor fights, football world cups etc. The more experience you have and the bigger the event, the more you get paid!

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