5 Mistakes New Influencers Make On Instagram

5 Mistakes New Influencers Make On Instagram ladybossblogger.com

As a new influencer, you will make mistakes. It’s natural! With influencing, every day is a learning experience. Fortunately, after reading this article, you won’t be making these new influencer mistakes.

1. Forgetting to add hashtags

This is a CRITICAL mistake, but new influencers forget to hashtag their posts!

They have created a beautiful post, but forgetting hashtags makes it hard for potential followers to find their content.

When posting, be sure to tag your location, products, brands, and commonly searched hashtags such as #ootd or #tgif.

If it’s relevant, be sure to use trending hashtags as well. 

2. Using uncommon hashtags

The other new influencer mistake that can happen is only using uncommon hashtags. What is an uncommon hashtag?

Usually, these tags are lengthy, hard to read, and too specific for potential followers to ever find the post.


Don’t get me wrong, having these kinds of tags can be fun every once in a while, but just make sure it is not your only tag. When you are tagging your post, make sure you are using your hashtags correctly.

3. Not linking their content in the description

This one can be so frustrating for followers! If you are referring to some of your content on another website, LINK IT IN THE DESCRIPTION!

This is CRUCIAL because if a viewer is curious by your content and can’t easily find the link, they won’t see your content and may give up on your Instagram page entirely. 

Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to see your content.

When it is easy to find, it is also easy for viewers to share your content with their friends, and therefore easier to grow your influence

4. Not responding to comments

Another common new influencer mistake is not responding to comments. That is a HUGE missed opportunity!

Responding to comments lets followers know you care about your content and their opinions.

While not all comments are positive, many are and you want those commenters to keep coming back and interacting with your page.

Building connections is a HUGE PRIORITY in influencing, after all, followers have to feel trust with their influencers. Otherwise, they unfollow and potentially spread their displeasure leading to a bad reputation.

5. Not posting regularly

Finally, the last new influencer mistake is not having a regular schedule for posting. This makes it harder for followers to keep up with your content. 

Posting regularly is how you make the Instagram algorithm work for you. Plus, the more posts you have, the more likely viewers will be to find your content. 

Frequent posting is also the key to keep your current followers, you’ll show up more in their feed and they will be more likely to interact with your posts.

Therefore, you’ll also be more likely to appear on their friends’ feeds as well. 

Learning from other influencers so you don’t make the same new influencer mistakes is wise. Whether those lessons are from the beginning of their careers or current ones.

Starting something new is always a bit of a rocky road, but armed with this list, it doesn’t have to be. 

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5 Mistakes New Influencers Make On Instagram LadyBossBlogger.com

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