6 Mindsets To Master To Become A Top Entrepreneur

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In life, every one of us is trying to improve in some way, whether this is our appearance, careers, or just taking some well needed time out from our busy schedules.

Female entrepreneurs are no different, trying to improve and do better business all the time. Then there are the female poker players, many of whom have achieved great success from simply working hard.

In this article, we talk about what female entrepreneurs can do to get ahead. We also profile many highly successful female entrepreneurs and poker players, attempting to search for their secrets of success.

1. Focus your time and energy in the right places

This means focusing on the task at hand and not becoming distracted.

2. Be accountable at all times

Begin by setting goals. Then keep track of them and monitor them regularly. Be honest with yourself and believe in yourself.

3. Request help when it’s needed

If you need to do something but are unsure how, ask for help. Try not to waste your time and effort on something you’re uncertain about.

4. Don’t be scared of failure

Those who are afraid of failing tend not to get very far. Fear is a natural human emotion, but overcoming it allows you to achieve more.

5. Remain committed

Successful female entrepreneurs need to stay determined and focused if they are to become more successful and grow into the future.

6. Believe in yourself

Never seek the approval of others. Instead, believe in your ability if you want to be more successful.

Four Of The Best Female Entrepreneurs In The UK

While you may have heard of a couple of these high profile female entrepreneurs from TV shows like Dragons Den or The Apprentice, others you might never have heard of.

1. Karren Brady

Perhaps best known as Lord Sugar’s aide on the hit TV show The Apprentice, Karren Brady has been a significant figure in the business world over the past twenty years. In addition to many other prominent positions, she is a life peer in the House of Lords, and also the vice-chairperson of West Ham United Football Club.

2. Deborah Meaden

You’ll know Deborah if you’ve tuned into Dragons Den from time to time. She has been involved in business for an impressive forty years in total and in this time, has invested over two million pounds in around 34 different companies.

3. Jacqueline Gold

Her most significant feat was when she became the CEO of Ann Summers way back in 1987, transforming it into the highly profitable company it stands today. These efforts were recognised more recently in 2016 when she was given a prestigious CBE for services to entrepreneurship, social enterprise and women in business.

4. Hilary Devey

Hilary’s success story began back in 1996 when she launched Pall-Ex, a pallet freight network which was the third company of its kind here in the UK. Today, it enjoys enormous revenues of, on average, £59.947 million. Aside from her business success, Hilary has also bathed in the media spotlight. She has appeared on Dragons Den, and The Secret Millionaire, plus several other business-related TV shows.

Four Of The Best Female Poker Ambassadors

From the boardroom table to the poker table… these are the women you need to know about!

1. Sofia Lovgren

Sofia has been making lots of money over the past eight years and now uses cash poker games as her sole source of income. Admitting that her most significant achievement is working in a male-dominated industry, her role as an 888 poker ambassador allows her to promote poker. She also enjoys sharing her experiences with other budding players. Admittedly, she hopes more females will be in the poker spotlight in future, something which she feels a more comfortable playing environment could help with.

2. Kara Scott

Early in her career, Kara picked up a prestigious second while playing in the Irish Open, taking home an impressive $413K which inevitably helped transform her life. She admits that although it’s difficult, she always prides herself on doing the right thing, being a positive role model for women who want to break into professional playing. Just like Sofia Lovgren, she would also love to see more females in the poker playing spotlight.

3. Natalie Hof

Although she admits that she is still working on achieving a high score, there’s no doubt that Natalie Hof is putting in the best effort to achieve it. She says that her most significant achievement in her career so far is the ability to be independent and live life the way she wants to. As an ambassador, she wants to prove that playing ability has nothing to do with gender or strength, rather your mind. Just like the other female ambassadors, she’d love to see more women in the spotlight, and greater involvement of females in team events.

4. Vivian Saliba

Saliba’s claim to fame came in 2015 when she won some high profile events in both Sao Paulo and Brazil. More recently, she finished with $10K as part of the 11th PLC tournament. Like other ambassadors, she feels empowered to be able to play with males at the same level and also inspire more women to play poker.

What Female Entrepreneurs and Poker Players Have in Common

As mentioned, there are many things that are required for female entrepreneurs to succeed. Indeed, when female entrepreneurs follow these suggestions, they often experience great success.

The same can be said for high profile, female poker players, who have improved their game by working hard and have been rewarded with substantial winnings. But aside from the success, many successful female poker players admit that it hasn’t all been about the money.

In fact, the opportunities to be role models, stand up to stereotypes and prove they are equal to male players have all been key drivers to their success.

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