How To Successfully Market Events On Instagram

How To Successfully Market Events On Instagram

One of the best ways to create “buzz” and market your next event is by using Instagram

As you probably know, Instagram is the most popular form of social media right now so, not marketing your future event on the platform would be a misstep. Before you go posting all willy-nilly however, you need to be sure you have a strategy.

If you are not sure where to start, we have a great guide below to help you successfully market your event before it happens:

1. Decide on an event hashtag

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was a unique hashtag for the bride and groom? It is trending like crazy nowadays because it is so effective.

Having a hashtag that is specific to your events allows you to track how many of your followers and which followers you have been talking about and sharing the event on Instagram.

Even better yet, during the event, your attendees can use the hashtag to share their pics in real-time, so then you can find and share their photos easily on your Instagram profile to show the success or your soiree.

For your hashtag to work, however, it must be easy to understand and you must be consistent with using it!

“If you post anything relevant to your upcoming event, include your hashtag,” says Ronnie Higgings of Eventbrite.

2. Update your bio

Now that you have your hashtag, the next step to market your event would be to update your bio on Instagram.

When updating your bio, be sure to add your hashtag, so that your audience can see it every time they visit your page. Remember from before, consistency is key!

Another tip for updating your bio would be to have a “Thorough, engaging description of your company,” says Higgins.

Since you will be marketing your event through Instagram, “Use keywords that will help prospective attendees find your page, and include a mention of your event as well.”

After all, you never know how your following might grow!

3. Add a countdown to your story

The best way to conjure up anticipation from your followers would be by adding a countdown to your stories.

The countdown sticker on Instagram stories lets you set a date and time for your event.

Countdown Sticker

Melissa Roach of Hootsuite says, “Viewers can subscribe to receive a notification when the clock runs out, or add the countdown to their own Story. This feature is essentially a branded calendar notification.”

Most importantly, this creates excitement for your event!

4. Use live videos

The last step you should be completing when promoting your event before it begins is teasing the venue.

Using “behind the scenes” sneak peeks of the setup of your event will engage your audience, especially if it is done through love video.

Why live video? Because it is extremely interactive, can be more engaging, and is free!

IG Live

Dan McCarthy of Social Tables suggests this strategy for prescreening your event live: “Show people a sneak peek of the venue. Let them see what the interior and exterior look like, so they have an inkling of the type of atmosphere to expect. If you get the chance to walk through the facility, then film the place while you’re touring the area.”

These are just some of the most important things you need to do in order to successfully execute your event marketing strategy on Instagram. Check out more articles below to get your Instagram in tip-top shape for your event!

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How To Successfully Market Events On Instagram

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