3 Tips For Managing A Diverse Set Of Marketing Tools

3 Tips For Managing A Diverse Set Of Marketing Tools

No matter how efficient your marketing tools are…

You still run into the time-consuming predicament of having to switch back and forth between the interfaces of multiple software and online accounts during each work session.

This not only wastes time, but it also causes interruptions in your workflow, which can directly limit productivity and creativity by disrupting your focus periodically.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to centralize and streamline the management of a suite of advanced marketing tools.

Start with the following three tips and you’ll find that even managing more than a dozen tools simultaneously becomes a walk in the park:

3 Tips For Managing A Diverse Set Of Marketing Tools

1. Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to cut your software management duties in half is to start using a hub or dashboard that brings all of your software and online accounts together into one interface.

There are various social media marketing platforms that have done this for social networking sites for a while, but in recent years, CRM software like Zoho has raised the bar in the enterprise software integration niche, with the ability to continually collect, curate, and categorize data from major marketing tools and apps like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and many others.

PieSync is one of the most popular software syncing & consolidated management solutions, letting businesses link dozens of major apps, services, and accounts together within a convenient, centralized, and cloud-based dashboard.

They’ve been ranked as one of the world’s top software companies due to unprecedented contributions in the enterprise app sector.

2. Create an Exact and Sustainable Schedule

Creating a very strict but doable schedule for your marketing software management duties will keep you from feeling flustered and overwhelmed.

When you have dozens of apps and accounts to manage, even running one campaign can involve many different tasks.

Creating consistency through scheduling is how professional marketers are able to successfully juggle many different campaigns at the same time.

3. Study and Master Each Tool Individually

Even if you have the best CRM dashboard in the world, if you’re not a high-level user of the tools that you’re syncing into your main dashboard, you won’t be able to fully utilize the potential of your toolkit.

Take at least one week to become thoroughly trained in the features and functions of each software before you start plugging a bunch of them into Zoho.

Being a Proficient Software User is 50% of Being an Expert Marketer

Ultimately, if you learn how to use the top marketing software and create strategies for integrating all of those tools into your workflow, you’re already halfway to becoming a 5-star marketer.

From there, the other 50% comes with researching the principles of SEO and PR, followed by an extended effort to establish expertise and build a well-rounded portfolio of case studies, testimonials, and projects completed.

That may just be the most succinct yet inclusive description of a high-level marketer you’ll find, so with the entire game plan simplified to that extent, you should have no problem following through.

3 Tips For Managing A Diverse Set Of Marketing Tools