6 Ways To Make Your Audience Feel Unique

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If you’re a blogger, a business owner, or both, you want to connect with your audience and make them feel unique. 

One of the biggest struggles brands have when trying to succeed is actively engaging their audience.

You need traffic and engagement to make sales or secure brand deals. Without a strong connection, these won’t be possible. 

If you find yourself struggling, read this post to learn how to make your audience feel unique and want to interact with you.

1. Speak directly to your intended audience

The content you produce or product you are selling was designed with a specific audience in mind, focus on them.

Don’t try to make posts that can apply to just anyone.

While you want to broaden your audience, you should allow this to happen naturally rather than choosing to post generic content. 

Once you find your niche, focus on it. Then, decide based on your product or the content you create who your target audience is. 

Do research to understand their needs and wants as well as their preferred way to receive information. 

Although it can be a long process, you can use all the information and data you collect to tailor your content to them. This way, you will connect with them on a deeper level.

2. Focus on using emotion

Making your audience laugh can form a connection between them and your site.

Humans are emotional creatures. When we make other people feel strongly, we start forming emotional bonds with them.

If you form a bond, your audience will come to associate those good feelings with you and your site and keep them coming back. 

They will start to see you as a reliable and trustworthy source for information in your niche. 

You can incorporate emotions in a few ways:

  • Telling a personal story
  • Using humor or a playful tone
  • Addressing and validating concerns 
  • Listening to their stories

If you’re a brand, telling the story of how or why you created your business can help your message and products resonate with people. 

3. Engage in a conversation with them

Ask openly for their feedback and be sure to implement the suggestions in a way that is visible for them to see. If a change is not as obvious, you should take time to make everyone aware of it. 

On social media, ask how your audience is doing or what’s going on in their lives. People enjoy it when others are interested in their life. 

Also, most people enjoy talking about themselves. And for good reason, all of our lives and perspectives vary greatly. 

Therefore, you want to encourage them to talk, so you can learn more about their likes and interests while forming a connection.

Engaging in a conversation also shows you truly care about them as people rather than just as dollar signs or engagement numbers. 

4. Share personal content about your life with them

Another way to make your audience feel unique is to provide behind-the-scenes looks into your day-to-day of how you run your brand.

People feel more comfortable and drawn to a brand that has transparency

Sharing personal content is also a wonderful way to develop that desired emotional connection. 

The ways you can present this content are endless:

Without an audience, you wouldn’t be where you are now. Sharing more about your life can help show them how much you appreciate them. But also, be sure to physically thank them often. 

Your audience will feel unique when you make them feel valued and important. 

5. Respond back to as many comments as you can

If you have time to respond to all of them, great! When you’re just starting out, this is much easier to do than someone with a developed following. 

If not, set aside a certain amount of time to respond to as many as you can.

Then move on.

While you want to show you are connected and want your audience to feel unique, you also have to create boundaries for yourself to not get overworked or overwhelmed.

6. Follow up

If a customer purchased one of your products or services, follow up!

You won’t be annoying them, and they’ll probably be happy to know that you care about what they think even after you make the sale.

You could do this through email, especially if you emailed them a confirmation or receipt of the product.

Simply send a short email asking if they are enjoying the product or if there is anything else you can do for them.

If they enjoy the product or service enough, they may even write you a wonderful review that you can feature on your site.

Taking the time to make your audience feel unique is essential. If you focus on your intended audience, create an emotional connection, and show you care, your brand will be much more successful. 

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make audience feel unique ladybossblogger.com

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