How To Maintain A Meaningful Influencing Career

Maintain Influencing career

I would like to share with you how to maintain a meaningful influencing carer. Being a successful influencer is one thing. But being a meaningful influencer is another.

So, what’s the difference?

Meaningful influencers care about their audience as people, and not just as a follower count. Here is my list of the five habits of a meaningful influencer:

1. Build your influencing career on a unique specific passion.

Do you have something you’re passionate about that you’d love to talk about with people? If you do, that’s the first step. Is the topic something weird or extremely niche that you haven’t seen anyone blog about before? Even better.

Having a unique passion is what will make you stand out as a meaningful influencer, and you’ll be noticed more than the average aspiring lifestyle blogger.

2. Share your secrets to success.

I totally understand those who don’t want to share these with their audience. However, I don’t think it’s selfish. Sure, you don’t want others to steal your thunder, but they won’t because they’re not you. 

They can’t create exactly what you create, in the way that you create it. Plus, your audience is the reason you’ve made it this far (however far “this far” is for you).

So, consider sharing your tips for success with your audience. You may end up with an even larger following of admirers than you had before.

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3. Be a social media presence.

If social media isn’t really your thing right now, the advice I can give you is to make it your thing.

Post about your life and your topic of interest, and be a positive presence who enjoys using your social media profile to interact with people. 

Also, post often. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) post 3 photos every day, but at least one post per week helps your audience to keep you on their radar. Check out more tips here!  

4. Don’t do anything stupid.

I know it sounds obvious, but being an influencer–especially if you’re a well-known influencer–means that you are an influence to many people, whether you like it or not.

Whether you’re doing your creative work or just living out your daily life, there’s always a chance you’re being watched.

I don’t mean to scare anyone. But if you’re an influencer and you do something stupid, like posting an offensive meme or tweeting a hateful remark to someone, people will start talking negatively about you.

If you like the attention this would give you, that’s your business. But it would mean that your work as an influencer would become less meaningful (or meaningful in the wrong way).

At the very least, if you do something stupid, you and your platform would become more distasteful to general audiences.

5. Be authentic.

People are pretty smart, and your audience isn’t just a number. Audiences can sense when someone is being authentic and when they’re not. And they can see if you started out authentic at first and slowly become more “fake” as you become more famous.

For example, if you’re endorsing a product, endorse it because you love and trust the brand–and you actually use the product. And whatever you do, DON’T sell sketchy diet products that encourage unhealthy lifestyles. This is a huge turn-off to even Kim Kardashian’s audience.

Strive to be the same person in business as you are with your friends–kind, genuine, and likable. People will know your authenticity when they see it.

Because there are so many people trying to maintain meaningful influencing careers in today’s world, it’s important to know the things you can do to make your audience think, “They’re just different from other influencers, but in a good way.”

The number one rule I encourage you to live by is, of course, the golden rule–but the blogger version: that you should treat your audience how you, as an audience, want to be treated by your favorite influencers.

The number one rule I encourage you to live by is the golden rule (blogger version): Treat your audience how you, as an audience, want to be treated by your favorite influencers.Click To Tweet

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Maintain Influencing career

Elisabeth Chase is a photographer, student, and writer who is passionate about blogging. Through her writing, she hopes to help others learn how to blog and share what they love with the world.

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