How To Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Considering what career path may be right for you can leave you wondering where on earth you should start. The first thing you should do is take a look inside yourself and make a list of what you are passionate about.

Your career is as individual as you are. You should do something that you enjoy doing and that works well with the work that you excel at. For some, being an entrepreneur can be immensely satisfying. There are both pros and cons of working for yourself and you need to decide if that is the direction you want to go.

Others may worry that becoming self-employed is too risky and may find that a more traditional approach to employment better suits their needs. Your career choice should focus on what works best for you.

If you choose a career that requires formal education, such as a health care professional like BSN to NP, be sure to look into a school that works with your specific needs. Take into consideration what responsibilities you have and how your education will work into maintaining those priorities.

1. Try It Out

Be sure to do your homework. Just like any decision you make in life, the more research you do, the more equipped you are to succeed. Your career is no different. Make sure you look into various careers and what they entail.

There may be aspects of a profession that you are completely unaware of that do not appeal to you. If you learn as much as you can about various careers, you will know what has the potential to be a good fit and what you are not interested in. 

If you are still unsure what you want to do professionally, consider volunteering or doing an internship. You can get a feel for a career that you think you are interested in and find out if it is something you absolutely love or something you completely misconstrued being interested in.

Either way, you have an educated opinion on a particular career and how it matches (or doesn’t) your career goals and expectations. 

2. Change Paths

Sometimes the difficulty with careers is not starting out, but changing from one career to another after you’ve already started. Oftentimes entering the workforce, you know what you want to do and find a vacancy to begin working. Unfortunately, sometimes, later on, you realize that you aren’t happy with your current position. That is when you have to decide if it’s possible to change careers. 

Ask yourself some important questions and be honest with your answers. You have to know first of all what interests you. You will naturally excel when you are doing something you enjoy.

  • Do you have any unique talents or skills that you can capitalize on?
  • Think about your friends and family; what do they come to you with for either help or guidance?

Sometimes you don’t realize what you are good at, but clearly others do if they are seeking your help and/or advice. Everyone is motivated by different things. You have to have an understanding of what motivates you.

  • Can you see yourself doing the same thing every day in an office environment or do you need constant challenges that force you to think quickly in a fast-paced environment? 

As with most things, you have to follow your heart with your career path too. Be honest and realistic with your expectations and needs and you can find your way to your dream job

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