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Instagram is full of bright, fully lit photos. From glamour shots of influencer vacations to brand product launches, Instagram is a visually loud place. If you want to improve your Instagram aesthetic use these 5 lighting techniques to make your Instagram posts stand out! 

The most successful photos on Instagram all have something in common when it comes to lighting: shadows!

It might seem counterintuitive to think about shadows when you are trying to illuminate your account, but after looking at these 5 lighting techniques, you’ll be so over the ring lights.

1. Rembrandt Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit @stefanhoeningphotography

This technique is named after the painter, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (try to say that five times fast!).

Rembrandt lighting only has one half of the subject’s face is illuminated while the other half is almost in complete shadow. 

On the shadow side, there is an upside-down triangle of light on the subject’s cheek.

This lighting technique is BEAUTIFUL for portraits, and makes them look professional!

2. Split Lighting

split light ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit @emmultimediacorp

Split lighting is kinda what it sounds like, the subject’s face (and body) is half-illuminated, half in shadow.

This type of lighting is very dramatic. If you’re feeling particularly extra or maybe have a more powerful message, this lighting technique may suit your needs.

3. Backlighting

back light ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit @studyofilizsarica

Backlighting is PERFECT during the evenings when the sun is setting. With this technique, the subject is lit from behind, so the subject is a silhouette and the scenery POPS.

This lighting works great for a sunset beach vacation post, which sounds GREAT right now!

4. Butterfly lighting

butterfly lighting ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit @mr_pillars

Looking to have a beauty shot, but your contour game isn’t as strong as you’d like? Try Butterfly lighting. 

With this lighting technique, the subjects face is illuminated from the bottom. So the face is bright, but there are shadows under the nose and in the hallows of the cheeks. Creating an overall slimmer appearance. 

5. Loop lighting

loop light ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit @dejonghst

In this last technique, the light source comes from slightly above the subject’s eye, creating an illuminated face with a loop shadow around the side of the nose on to the cheek. 

This lighting is great for a profile photo. 

There are many different opportunities and choices to make when you are capturing a photo. Lighting is a widely overlooked opportunity to stand out on Instagram and enhance your brand.

Use lighting to your advantage and experiment to find out what works best for you and your brand.

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