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As a straight woman, I cannot claim to be extensively knowledgable about queer culture, but you can bet your buns I can do research to find the best LGBTQ+ women for you to follow on Instagram!

So, without further ado, here are the accounts to follow according to experts and people of the LGBTQ+ community:

1. Lesbian Herstory Archives

@lesbianherstoryarchives ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @lesbianherstoryarchives

Lesbian Herstory Archives did not start off solely as an Instagram account like many people believe. In fact, they have been a working archive since 1974 (according to their website).

The organization started their now successful Instagram account because they wanted more people to see the collection they have gathered together over the years.

Their ultimate goal is for the general public to appreciates lesbian culture more. Follow this account if you want to learn more about the lives of renowned lesbians.

2. ButchCamp

@butchcamp ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @butchcamp

“Your fun go-to for anything to do with butch identity, this account is all about its camp sense of humor,” says Amelia Abraham of Refinery29.

Camp has an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its ironic value. The account’s originators describe themselves as “just a couple of European dykes!”

They continue describing their account as “a conversation, a way of talking to [the community] in sets of images that described, visually, this quality we called ButchCamp.”

3. H_e_r_s_t_o_r_y 

@ h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @ h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y

Unlike the Lesbian Herstory Archives, H_e_r_s_t_o_r_y was “singlehandedly founded by Kelly Rakowski, a photo editor who lives in Brooklyn,” explains Abraham.

Coming out late in her life, Rakowski “decided to school [herself] on lesbian history/ queer history, which led, again, to online archives and digital libraries, which were the roots of inspiration for h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y.”

Rakowski continues saying, “while [H_e_r_s_t_o_r_y] is very much lesbian culture, it’s definitely welcome to everyone LGBTQ and allies.”

4. God I’m Such a Dyke

@godimsuchadyke ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @godimsuchadyke

Abraham states that, “scrolling through this feed and all of its niche cultural references serves as a test of lesbian knowledge.”

To compliment Abraham’s argument, God I’m Such a Dyke’s anonymous founder says that she “started the account as a place to share [her] love of dykey visual and pop culture.”

Her ultimate goal with this Instagram account “is to create a space where our community can come together and enjoy the richness of our visual culture, a place where they can learn something new, and most importantly, I want this to be a space where both I and my followers can just be out.” 

5. Black Lesbian Archives

@blacklesbianarchives ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @blacklesbianarchives

Not only does the Black Lesbian Archives (BLA) account represent the Pride community, but women in the colored community as well.

The Black Lesbian Archives “were created in June 2017, when Krü Maekdo, the founder, noticed a lack of digital representation of Black Lesbians online,” explains Vanessa of Auto Straddle.

Maekdo explains her account as a place where people can feel free to “submit articles, posters, flyers, mixtapes, videos, photos, audio, publication, poetry, etc of Black Lesbians to her archive.”

6. Every Lesbian and Their Fashion

@everylesbianandtheirfashion ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @everylesbianandtheirfashion

Personally, I found this account the most interesting of all (I am a fashion business major after all).

The account’s bio reads, “daily fashion inspo for and from lesbians.” They definitely have my follow! I am always looking for outfit inspiration.

7. Dyke Another Day

@dykeanotherday ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @dykeanotherday

Dyke Another Day is “run by Alexandra, a 24-year-old self-described ‘purveyor of lesbian culture and fashion” living in NYC,” says Vanessa.

On Dyke Another Day, you can expect to see a healthy serving of art, herstory, and witty captions. Plus, they team up with God I’m Such a Dyke once a month!

8. Butch is Not a Dirty Word

@butchisnotadirtyword ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @butchisnotadirtyword

Vanessa of Auto Straddle nails it again by highlighting Butch Is Not A Dirty Word.

This account is a “bi-annual print publication exploring butch identity and culture. Another living breathing present-day archive, this project aims to collect butch stories and experiences, celebrating this specific identity in [the LGBTQ+]community.”

9. Total 90s Lesbian

@total90slesbian ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @total90slesbian

This account, operated by Riese Bernard, promises “gay ’90s nostalgia.” If the name alone doesn’t entice you, then I’m not sure what will! 

10. Tanya Compas

@tanyacompas ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @tanyacompas

Millie Feroze of Glamour UK introduces us to Tanya Compas.

Compas is “head of youth engagement for @UKBlackpride, an organization celebrating LGBTQ+ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent.”

11. Sade Giliberti

@sadegiliberti ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @sadegiliberti

Sade Giliberti, a television presenter, actress, and model from South Africa who, “uses her Instagram to talk about diversity and representation in the media, as well as tackling cyberbullying in the LGBTQ+ women community with the #HaltTheHate campaign,” writes Feroze.

If you are having trouble finding her account, simply type her name in the account search bar, and she should pop up!

12. Munroe Bergdorf

@munroebergdorf ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @munroebergdorf

Next up, Feroze highlights Munroe Bergdorf.

Bergdorf is a “DJ and transgender activist, using Instagram to document her transition and experience as a black woman, finding support finding support on Instagram from the trans and wider LGBTQ+ women community.”

13. Amelia

@foyoutboy ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @foyoutboy

Amelia– the girl with no last name. Just kidding!

Feroze mentions Amelia is a “bisexual artist who works as a curator at @risenzine. Amelia speaks about her struggles with mental health issues and how finding a community at Rise has helped her find a safe space with like-minded people.”

She is not only a strong role model for the LGBTQ+ women community but also for all those struggling with mental health.

14. Auto Straddle

@autostraddle ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @autostraddle

If you weren’t sure of the credibility of Auto Straddle, think again!

Auto Straddle is an “award-winning lesbian website and feminist online community,” says Ashley Duchemin,  “Autostraddle’s Instagram account features updates on its latest essays; snapshots from the GLAAD Awards red carpet; photos of readers who submit to its Queer IRL gallery; Saturday comics; new merch alerts; and much more.”

Be sure to follow the account to keep up with the latest in everything LGBTQ+.

15. Go Magazine

@gomagazineny ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @gomagazineny

Another magazine to think about giving a follow is Go Magazine, according to Duchemin.

The publishing offers “news, horoscopes, and articles on LGBTQ+ women issues,” to its dedicated following.

“Following Go Magazine’s Instagram feels like following your best friend who posts a lot of relevant, necessary, and funny memes, but they also post-film stills, the latest in LGBTQ news, photos from past and present protests,” says Duchemin.

16. Lesbians Who Tech

@lwtech ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @lwtech

Interested in not only the LGBTQ+ community but also the tech? Then follow Lesbians Who Tech argues Duchemin. Lesbians Who Tech is “a community of Queer Women in or around tech (and the people who love them).”

The account was started by Leanne Pittsford. Duchemin continues by explaining that “Lesbians Who Tech aims to make lesbian leaders in the tech industry known. This account also aims to connect lesbians within the workplace and LGBTQ+ women organizations to queer women within the tech community in order to help raise awareness.”

17. The Fab Femme (Aryka Randall)

@tffmag ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @tffmag

Last, but certainly not least, Lamar Dawson of Huffpost suggests following the Fab Femme.

First of all, what a great name! Secondly, the account “aims to create a unique space for feminine lesbian women from all walks of life and has positioned Aryka as an authority on girl-on-girl love.”

Need more accounts to follow? Try to look at who the accounts above follow! This way you can interact with a whole community of similar LGBTQ+ women accounts.

Whether you are part of the Pride community or not, educating yourself about gay culture is important, and a great first step is following the profiles above! 

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