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Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Self-Care

What you’ll learn in this interview:

  • 1 free app that will help you successfully meditate
  • How to divinely take care of yourself
  • The secret to being truly happy
  • 3 safe beauty brands that use all natural products
  • 1 daily ritual and 1 weekly ritual to keep your skin happy

Krysia Hepatica Interview on ladybossblogger

Entrepreneur Interview: How This Divine Self-Care Guru Runs Her Business Behind The Scenes

Entrepreneur interview on ladybossblogger

1. What do you do? Who do you help?

I help women on a Twin Flames Journey in separation or semi-separation, achieve unity within themselves. I recently had a spiritual awakening while on a blog journey creating my self-care brand Luxe Odette and have shifted my focus from general self-care to Divine Feminine self-care. I publish free general energy readings using The Tarot and the Oracle on my YouTube channel.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

Entrepreneur interview resources on ladybossblogger

2. List your favorite business tools.

  • Youtube for publishing free energy readings of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.
  • Instagram for creating a space of positivity to help with manifesting and cultivating gratitude.
  • Canva is a great website for creating free graphic designs.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

3. What is a good course, website or book you would recommend and why?


  • The Alchemist – I first read this book in the 90’s and it made an impact on me. I reread it recently, and it was like I never read it! I experienced it in a deeper way.
  • The Secret – This is a great book that explains the Law of Attraction.


  • Insight Timer – I personally have no problems getting into a meditative state but I know a lot of people struggle to quiet their minds. Aim to only clear your mind for a couple of minutes and then keep increasing your ability to be quiet and still. This app works for a lot of people I know, plus it’s free.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

Entrepreneur interview advice on ladybossblogger

4. What is the best piece of advice you have received?

“My commitment is to truth, not consistency.” Mahatma GandhiClick To Tweet

I didn’t receive this advice personally, but I read it and it really impacted me. It was during my awakening when I literally felt like I was changing every single day and it was hard for me and my loved ones to keep up!

But when I read this passage, it really resonated and I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing and as long as I stayed living in my truth, it would be ok.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Every blogger tells you to be yourself. Which is great advice and 100% true. You have to go within, it’s not “out there”.

You will never be happy until you are happy with yourself and really love yourself – like intensely love yourself – only then can you truly love another unconditionally.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-CareEntrepreneur interview lifestyle on ladybossblogger

6. What is your beauty and/or fitness routine?


I am minimal when it comes to cosmetics but love skin care products and use brands that are safe and have a high vibration because of their natural ingredients. I make my own creams and scrubs but also like the brands;


  • I skin brush with a natural fiber skin brush every day to sloth off dead skin cells and invigorate my skin.
  • I regularly get therapeutic massages to help release stuck emotions. Your muscles hold memories and getting a massage is a great form of self-care. I also make sure to drink lots of purified water!
  • Taking Himalayan or Epsom salt baths with a few drops of essential oils is detoxifying and soothing, definitely something to do as a weekly practice.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

7. List the products or items that are indispensable in your life.

There are so many items I love to nurture and take care of your body and soul, I compiled a list on my Amazon Influencer page for this article.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

Entrepreneur interview on ladybossblogger business models

8. Which female entrepreneur(s) do you look up to and why?

Gwyneth Paltrow and her creation of Goop. I admire her faith in herself to create a brand that she felt aligned with, even if it has brought some criticism from others.

Being a celebrity, her life is watched and judged by fans and the media but she has remained true to herself and has successfully manifested her vision into Goop.

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9. List the social media platforms you use.

Krysia Hepatica Helps Women With Divine Feminine Self-Care

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