Katie Earnhardt Helps People Stay Sane During Quarantine With Her Christian Walk Blog

We’ve all struggled during our time of quarantine. Katie Earnhardt has managed to stay positive and help others with her My Christian Walk Blog!

When did you start blogging?

My Christian Walk was established in January of 2021 with the hopes of creating a digital community of Christians who could share their Christian walk journeys. 

Why did you start your blog?

With everyone locked inside for the safety of ourselves and others due to the COVID pandemic, I saw a need for a digital community that would connect us to each other as well as God.

What topics do you blog about?

The topics covered on My Christian Walk range from a timeline of Holy Week to how to have childlike faith.  With over 34 blog posts and counting, we aim to cover every topic that is relevant to the Christian life.

What specific steps did you take to launch your blog?

I started out first with Facebook and Instagram pages that shared daily verse to build up a following before added the My Christian Walk website and weekly blog posts that are released every Thursday at 3:00 pm. 

How do you get traffic to your blog?

My Christian Walk posts consistently on Facebook and Instagram with daily verses during the week as well as special posts about the blog posts.

What other resources do you recommend?

It is of the utmost importance to remain relevant and knowledgeable about the topics we write about as well as the newest trends in the blogging and social media marketing world.

What has been challenging about blogging?

When I first started the blog I was at home searching for my next work opportunity which gave me a  lot of time to devote to the management of the blog.  Since then I have gone back to work and have had to split my time with work and the blog which on some weeks can be more difficult than others.

List your blog and social media links.

How do you combine your faith with your Instagram account?

I believe that social media allows for people to create a fake version of themselves and that when used inappropriately can be very dangerous. That’s why I strive to always be truthful and honest in my beliefs and share content that is honoring to the Lord.  Check out the Mirror, Mirror on My Facebook Wall (mychristianwalk.com) post for more details. 


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