Jodi Carlson Helps Moms Inspire Their Kids To Be Leaders

Jodi Carlson interview

1. One sentence that describes what you do…

I help moms through two different websites, Mom Connecting Moms and Leader Connecting Leaders, to inspire our kids to be leaders of tomorrow.

Mom Connecting Moms is for moms looking for ideas to inspire their kids to be good people. To guide and teach them how to be friendly, caring, and respectful to others. To teach them to be creative, to be a big thinker, and to dream big.

Leader Connecting Leaders is full of ideas for a variety of groups such as Girl Scouts, Frontier Girls, Quest Clubs, or any other organization inspiring girls to be leaders of tomorrow.

2. The first thing I do when I wake up…

The first thing I do when I wake up is review my to-do list on Trello from the day before, determine what is left, and plan today before even getting out of bed. Then I get my exercise in for the day before showering.

3. The quote I live by…

“Everything happens for a reason!” 

I do believe even the worst things that can happen to you open the doors to other opportunities and make you a stronger human being. 

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4. My favorite business tools are…

  • Trello for organizing all the work I want to complete
  • Tailwind to track and schedule posts on my Pinterest
  • WordPress for my Leader Connecting Leaders website
  • Woocommerce for shop
  • Shopify for my Mom Connecting Moms website
  • SendinBlue for transactional emails and marketing emails
  • Cloudways to host my WordPress site
  • Adobe products to design my website and products

5. On my bookshelf, you will find…

6. Every woman needs to try this at least once…

Swimming with dolphins. It is an amazing experience, for me probably once in a lifetime. 

7. My favorite beauty brands and items…

I am not big into beauty brands, I pretty much stick with Covergirl and wear very minimal makeup in general. 

8. The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

Be consistent and continue to work on business daily. In the beginning growth was slow, sometimes it’s easy to just give up and say this is not working. But when you continue to work at it you will find success I promise. 

9. Daily things you do in your business…

Every day I check my email in the morning and night to make sure no customers have issues or concerns. I spend three hours a week working on blogs and new content for my website.

I’ll spend at least an hour a day doing new tasks to grow my website through social media, working on new products, writing email marketing, or learning new things to add to the website. 

10. List all your social media platforms…

Jodi Carlson interview

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