Jennifer Dumnich Creates Customized And Sustainable Wellness Systems

Jenny D (Jennifer Dumnich), Co-Founder of Craig and Jenny D, guides her clients to discover just how great their body and mind are designed to feel, so that they can amplify their results personally and professionally.

Jenny provides practical and purposeful strategies that result in clients achieving maximum energy, focus, and productivity by creating customized, sustainable wellness systems.

Let her energize your life and your business through personalized coaching, wellness consulting, corporate development training, and motivational keynotes.

Female entrepreneur Interview on ladybossblogger featuring Jennifer Dumnich

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

After 11 years working in the financial industry and then 1 year staying at home mom with our 5th child, I was feeling completely out of sorts, disconnected and unfulfilled.

I knew that there was more that I was put on this planet for, and so I decided I would chase down my dream of bringing wellness into the corporate world for business travelers and guiding them in how to stay in shape on the road.

The world had different plans for me though. Eighteen months after I got started, I became severely ill, losing 25% of my body weight and in constant pain with no medical diagnosis.

Long story short: we went on a personal journey to find my healing. This included a continued practice of movement and nutrition that we had in our lives, with a critical addition of doing deep mindset work to create new levels of awareness. We overcame my unmet childhood needs and my limiting beliefs so that I could handle my stress differently.

This eliminated the root cause of disease in my body and literally changed my life. Not only did I gain my health back, but my relationship with my husband and children changed; I gained new levels of confidence to put myself out there into the world helping others.

I felt an internal drive to go out and show others what had changed in my life and what I was doing differently that caused me to present so differently from an energy perspective in my life than others.

This evolved into a deep passion to build this into a business alongside of my husband to create a shift in the paradigm of wellness around the globe with the work that we are doing.

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Tell us about your business.

At Craig and Jenny D we amplify our clients results in their personal and professional lives by eliminating their personal road blocks. The secret lies in creating practical and purposeful solutions for individuals that maximize energy, increase focus, and boost productivity.

These results are attained by raising awareness and removing their internal barriers to sustainable wellness, allowing them to recognize just how great their body and mind are designed to feel. We do this through individual customized coaching, keynote presentations, corporate development programs, events, and retreats.

Are you currently running any promos/contests/giveaways that you would like our readers to know about?

Our greatest joy comes from watching others realize what they are capable of achieving.

For this reason we are currently offering individuals 30 days free access to our Mind Body Transformation System that offers mindset training, nutritional guidance, and daily movement programs to start realizing greater potential.

They can access the offer here: 30 Days of Mind Body Transformation Free.

Female entrepreneur Interview on ladybossblogger featuring Jennifer Dumnich

List awards/certifications/accomplishments.

We were recently awarded the 212° of Dedication award by Damien Elston, CEO of the JT Foxx Organization.

This was quite an honor to be awarded this prestigious award that had only previously been awarded to Nido Qubein, President of High Point University and Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. In November 2017 they awarded us and seven other entrepreneurs from around the world with this elite honor.

I find great success in motivating and inspiring individuals to take action from stage. This stage power was recognized as well during my corporate career when I was awarded Speaker Of The Year for my presentations and workshops at financial conferences around North America.

Where is your business based?

We are based in Avondale, PA outside of Philadelphia, but our clients and partners are worldwide: from all over the US, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, South Africa.

What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running?

Hiring a well-connected business coach! We sat and thought about a business idea for years but just didn’t know the steps that we needed to take to get it up and running and profitable on our own. A business coach not only guided us in the steps to take but gave us the accountability and network we needed to drive our business forward.

We have been working with the JT Foxx Organization now for 19 months, and it has been instrumental in growing an international business out of an idea in this short amount of time.

Sometimes, a coach will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. This is so critical in a time of change in your life when you are pushing yourself into the “Uncomfortable Zone”.

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What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

The first step for me was creating a personal brand online and in-person. You have to live your brand each and every day in everything you do and showcase that to the world.

That required me to put myself out there on social media, which was very new for me, as I had always kept myself off of those platforms and lived a private life.

Letting the public into my life created trust with my audience as it allowed them to see that we were actually living the lifestyle of wellness that we were talking about online.

This is critical, because then they can see that it is truly possible.

People make excuses that they don’t have time to make healthy choices in their life, but when they can see us doing it in our home with 5 children and running a business, it empowers them to take more control of their own decisions and get rid of their excuses.

The other way that we have raised awareness is by putting ourselves out in the public eye by actively engaging with the JT Foxx Organization, who we use as our coaches.

We have spoken on stages around the country with them, served as Master of Ceremonies at their largest event of the year for 2500 entrepreneurs, and we hold our Mega Energy program at their events to give attendees a boost in their energy and focus every morning before the meetings start.

When we are out helping others and adding value to their lives in this way, people gravitate towards our contagious energy and want to know how they can feel as great as we do.

Letting potential costumers experience what you have to offer for free is one of the best ways to attract new clients. You must add value before you can expect them to do business with you.

Each entrepreneur must seek opportunities to actively participate in organizations where their ideal client is located and make a genuine effort to help those people in any way possible.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

My biggest challenge was my own fear of success, which is very common for women. Men, on the other hand, generally have a fear of failure. It is important to understand the difference, so that it can be addressed in one’s own mindset.

This fear caused me to spend a lot time procrastinating in the beginning stages of our business and second guessing every decision. I was stuck in trying to be perfect rather than doing my best and knowing that my best was good enough.

Female entrepreneur Interview on ladybossblogger featuring Jennifer Dumnich

How did you overcome these challenges?

For me I worked very closely with my mindset coaches on releasing limiting beliefs around why I had a fear of my own success.

This work goes very deep, looks closely at our past, normally childhood, and is immediately effective in overcoming whatever is holding us back. Often, when we are stuck in our lives in any way, there are subconscious beliefs that are impacting our behavior.

This is the reason mindset is a crucial piece of the work that we do with our clients as well. We find that many individuals do not feel worthy of helping themselves, receiving money, prioritizing their health, or many other challenges that they are facing, and it is preventing them from taking sustainable action in their life.

Just as I was able to get past my fear of success, each individual can break free of their limiting beliefs with the right help.

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

I firmly believe that my life is a perfect example of synchronicity and flow. This belief allows me to savor and enjoy every moment of the good times, and at the same time it keeps me grounded when facing a challenge.

The reality is that each challenge we face is the world’s way of giving us an opportunity to grow and learn. When we accept this and dive head-first straight into the challenge, seeking that growth and learning, we can more quickly come out the other side of it stronger and striving forward.

What people often find is that they repeat similar challenges over and over in their life. These patterns are a signal that they have not yet grown and learned from the situation. It is critical to grow and learn from each challenge by taking responsibility for your part in creating the situation and working to overcome it.

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

What we know to be true is that in order to feel the absolute best that you are designed to feel in mind and body and achieve maximum results in your personal and professional life, you must focus on movement, nutrition, and mindset. Our three-pronged approach allows us to create unparalleled results with our clients.

The first stop for all of our clients is helping them to identify their why and break free of their limiting beliefs so that they can then make sustainable changes in movement and nutrition. Often they are asking how, which is the wrong question to ask.

They must first identify their why, and only then can we show them the how that is going to work for them. Oftentimes, individuals do not understand why they can not sustain a lifestyle of wellness for extended periods of time and also do not understand the impact it is having on their business and their loved ones.

Through the process we have a very effective accountability system that allows us to be right with them on their journey, even if they are on the other side of the world.

After working with us our clients recognize that there was a missing piece in their life, and they are finally on the journey to the success they are seeking by maximizing their energy, productivity, and focus. Our program is not just about wellness, but about how wellness impacts the outcomes of your life, personally and professionally.

Working jointly with my husband, Craig, is an enormous benefit to our clients. Our team approach to our business gives a unique dynamic as we approach our clients with two very different personalities, yet a unified message, allowing us to connect with a broader audience. This has been extremely useful in empowering couples and families to approach their wellness journey together with us.

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What is the best advice you have received recently?

One of my coaches recently told me to “sell them what they want, but give them what they need”. This is so important because often as coaches we see what someone needs, but they do not yet recognize it.

Therefore, if we are trying to sell them that, they are not going to see the value in what we are offering even though you know you can help them. What must be done is to align your message with what they are seeking as it relates to what they truly need.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Work in alignment with who you are and make sure that you are taking care of you first. When you try to be something you are not, you can work harder and harder to the point that you don’t even have time to breath and still you will not reach your goals.

When you work in alignment with who you are, the results will come naturally as you offer your true value to the world.

You must make daily decisions that respect your mind and body for your peak performance. Very simply, your health is your wealth. Prioritizing the health of your mind and body is critical to your success.

It will increase your energy, focus, and productivity each and every day, allowing you to amplify your results in your business as well as have energy left to dedicate to the ones you love.

Female entrepreneur Interview on ladybossblogger featuring Jennifer Dumnich

What are your favorite business tools/resources and why?

My mindset coach is by far my favorite resource. At first you may ask how a mindset coach is a business resource, and I can assure you it is the greatest resource you can have. This person is the rock that pushes you past your limits and breaks down the barriers between you and your true success.

My coach has pushed me past my fear of success that was causing me to procrastinate. We identified that I did not feel worthy of receiving, which was preventing me from producing the revenues that our business was capable of and many other barriers that were affecting my business directly and indirectly.

We all have these barriers and we will never reach our full potential without addressing them. This is why it is my favorite tool and one that we utilize with every single one of our clients when we match them with a mindset strategist who is ideal for their individual needs.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

One of my personal coaches and clients, Damien Elston, introduced me to the book 212°: The Extra Degree by Sam Parker. This book really harnesses what we do in our business every day and the power that we bring to our clients.

The premise of the book is that at 211° water is hot, and at 212° it boils. When water boils you create steam, and with steam you can power a locomotive that can break through brick walls.

When working with my clients, we get them to 212° each and every day and then some, utilizing movement, nutrition, and mindset strategies that keep them moving full steam ahead all of the time.

Most people don’t realize the results that they are leaving untouched because they have untapped energy potential that they do not know how to reach on their own.

When we tap into that potential, suddenly they feel power and drive within them they didn’t know existed before. Then and only then can they go crashing through brick walls.

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What are you currently learning about for your business or looking for help with?

We are in the process of expanding our business in corporate, event, and business retreat settings. I understand first hand—having worked in corporate for 11 years at the executive level—the challenges that exist to increase productivity in the workforce.

What I know to be true is that the answers usually do not lie in time management or even within the organization, but in energy management of individuals and empowering people to have and represent their own personal brand.

I am currently doing research and connecting with individuals that are critical to our expansion in this area.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

Our goal this spring and fall is to hold our first two Wellness Immersion Retreats, where attendees will experience total rejuvenation, shatter their barriers to success, amplify their power, and explode their personal brand.

For me making this happen is really an exercise in just taking that leap and making it happen. There are always the what-if’s in the back of my mind, but we can only grow when we get into the “uncomfortable zone,” as I like to call it.

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What social media outlets do you use? List them below.

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Female entrepreneur Interview on ladybossblogger featuring Jennifer Dumnich