Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand

Jaime Joseph has resided in Arlington for 7 years with her husband and 8 year old son. For 3 years she’s been designing and sketching fashion apparel, researching proper made-in-America manufacturers and production houses, and recently launched CYPRIANA, her fashion line, in September of 2017. Jaime is also known within the Arlington Community as the choreographer at Arlington Children’s Theater since 2016.

Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand

What motivated and inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve always been into fashion since I was a Barbie girl growing up. My mother also had a big influence as she used to order our clothes from catalogs such as Spiegel, JC Penny, and Sears until I was about 13.

When I entered high school, the movie Clueless had a big influence on my fashion style, so I shopped at Contempo Casuals (formerly known as Wet Seal), Baker’s Shoes, and The Wild Pair (another awesome shoe store).

I studied interior design in college so I dealt with textiles, sketching, and creating on CAD, so it just seemed right that I would eventually end up in the fashion arena.

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Tell us about your business.

CYPRIANA {Pronounced: See Pre-Ah Na} is the female name derivative of the Latin word Cyprian which means “dynamic, versatile, and a sense of individualism.” Starting conversations among women is why I created CYPRIANA Fashion brand 2 years ago. Growing up, I wasn’t outspoken verbally but my style of clothes overcame my words, because my personal independence in clothing choices helped to bridge the gap of awkwardness.

I’m inspired by Annie Hall’s style. Annie Hall was the inspiration for the brand, because her freedom of expression and personal independence started a conversation without her ever having to speak. She was unconventional. When women give each other compliments, they let down their walls and invite you in just a little more. “Be Unconventional!” “Be Heard!”

CYPRIANA Fashion’s Ready-to-Wear (RTW) casual/contemporary apparel designs for women are produced using quality cotton and chambray textiles manufactured in the US. Our apparel especially benefits the modern mothers who are looking to fill their wardrobe with a few “break away from trend” pieces to remain individual in their freedom of expression.

You can see this style in pieces such as our ready-to-wear ankle jogger bottoms and one-piece ankle jumpers (featuring a high waist which alleviates midsection flaws and flatters shape). Another feature to our pants is the stretch ankle cuff that allows you to wear pants full length or to cuff along the knee on warmer days.

Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand

List awards/certifications/accomplishments.

I was awarded a Match Savings Art Grant from Mass Moca in 2015, which could be used as a down payment to buy a house or to help fund your start-up. I used my funds to start my fashion brand.

Where is your business based?

Arlington, MA.

What were the first few steps you took to get your business up and running?

The first steps I took to get my business up and running was to build capital on top of the awarded grant. So I opened a Christmas Club account. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s an account that you open in the beginning of the year, put money into, and cannot withdraw from until the end of the year.

The next step was to sketch and design, source textiles, and find a pattern maker and manufacturer that would create showman samples or prototypes of the garment. I subscribed to Maker’s Row, which is an online directory that lists all Manufacturers Made in the USA.

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What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

Instagram has been an effective tool, as well as Jaclyn Zukerman of JZ Social Enterprises. She has been very effective in raising awareness of my brand.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

So far my biggest challenge has been getting my line in Retail Boutiques.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Still a work in progress!

Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand

How do you keep motivated through difficult times?

I’m working on a Mommy Vlog with my friend (launching soon!) on YouTube. I am also a choreographer for Arlington Children’s Theatre and I have a TV dance show named EATSLEEPDANCE*REPEAT at Arlington Community Media. I have many different projects that keep me motivated when I’m feeling down.

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Staying true to being made-in-USA as well as continuing to use ethically sourced textiles, such as cotton and chambray.

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What is the best advice you have received recently?

It’s about the journey more than the destination.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Keep working toward your goal; it won’t happen at the exact time when you want it to, but if you keep working at it, all the doors will slowly open. Also make sure you have friends who are truly happy for you, because those people will be your biggest cheerleaders and support system.

Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand

What are your favorite business tools/resources and why?

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Lately, I’ve been reading articles on Vlogging and Blogging.

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What are you currently learning about for your business or looking for help with?

Right now, I’m looking for help or ways to get my line into retailers that are looking to purchase wholesale from emerging designers.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

I’m actually working on my second collection, so the goals are to continue to source materials and to start creating prototypes for showman samples.

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What social media outlets do you use? List them below.

Instagram @cyprianafashion
Facebook @cyprianafashion
Website www.cyprianafashion.com
Email jaime@cyprianafashion.com

Jaime Joseph Encourages Bold And Unconventional Style With Her Clothing Brand