How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Post LadyBossBlogger

Memes! I’m sure you’ve seen or watched at least one in your life. If you don’t know what a meme is, it’s a viral image, video, or piece of text that is made humorous like the meme below…

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadyBossBlogger

Integrating memes into your blog post can be very beneficial for increasing traffic and capturing the reader’s attention while they read. This is a guide to create the perfect mixture of memes to add to your blog posts.

1. Research current meme trends

Researching current trends is key. The last thing you want to do is to create an outdated meme that no one will get!

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadyBossBlogger


Go on current platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Follow meme pages to get inspo on what formats of memes are popular and likable. Here are some popular pages to help you get started:

2. Create context for your blog

So you found your meme(s) that were “on trend” and likable, now it’s time to put some context into it for your blog post. Creating the right context for your meme is key in relation to your blog subject. This makes the process of integrating the memes into your blog post smoother. Anything can become a meme with the right context!

  • Make sure the meme is appropriate for your subjects
  • Create a caption that grabs the readers attention & makes sense with the meme

Say you are a fashion blogger and you are creating a blog post about ways you can stay on-trend throughout the seasons. It wouldn’t make sense to put a meme of something random like Dwight Schrute from NBC’s The Office with a straight face and a caption “Mondays Mood” when you are writing about autumn pallets. It must make sense with the subject(s) of the blog and flow throughout.

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadybossBlogger

3. Insert memes into appropriate contexts

Yay! It’s time for everything to come together. Humor me this… close your eyes for five seconds and imagine your blog post done with the memes all integrated into your post. A reader visits your page and skims through your post seeing the meme and laughs, they are instantly intrigued and start back up at the top and reads through all your amazing content. Great feeling, right?

Integrate the memes into your blog so that it flows with the words. Here’s another example, you are a lifestyle blogger and you have a paragraph about eating too many carbs a day. You proceed to make a meme of Kim Kardashian crying with the caption “BUT I’M HUNGRY” this makes sense to the reader, is funny, and flows beautifully into your post.

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadybossBlogger

4. Use your memes to share and promote blog posts

The hard work is finally over, you can relax now. I am proud of you. Using all these steps we want to promote your hard work on your platforms to increase visits and readers.


Post your finished memes on your social platforms. When you share your blog post to social media. You can post your meme with a caption of your subject for your blog, a quote from it, or even an excerpt. See an example for an Instagram promo story here:

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadybossBlogger


Feature your new post on your website homepage. Featuring your blog post on your homepage makes it easily accessible to readers.


Reach out to other influencers and bloggers to promote your post and create connections. Also, reach out to meme profiles and other influencers can help reach your target audience by attracting readers that are interested in your posts.


Use Pinterest to increase traffic. Pinterest is a great resource as well for promoting your blogs. Post your meme along with the blog link and others will share your blog pin and save it to their boards, increasing its popularity among different people’s profiles.

5. Integrate memes into your blog posts in the future

If you enjoyed the content you made, and other readers did, make it a habit of creating these posts with memes integrated into them. In my opinion, seeing bloggers integrate memes into blog posts is very unique, and having more and more will make your blog interesting to a greater variety of readers as it grows. You are putting a piece of your personality into the blog post, and integrating a meme into it adds another aspect of the post that is personable to it.

Remember when Bernie Sanders was sitting a chair at President Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony? So many people enjoyed those memes online! There were millions of memes with different contexts of Bernie. (My personal favorite is Bernie sitting on the Eiffel Tower… it’s so simple but hilarious!) I did my own spin on this trend below. Great job integrating your own meme to fit into your blog! 🙂

How To Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadybossBlogger

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How to Integrate Memes Into Your Blog Posts LadyBossBlogger

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