How To Use Instagram Live Rooms For Your Online Business

instagram live rooms business

Instagram has launched a highly requested feature to its platform with the introduction of “Live Rooms!” These rooms allow up to four people to broadcast live together at the same time. Prior to this feature, users could only livestream with one person at a time.

With new features comes new business opportunities! Here’s how to use Instagram Live Rooms for your online business.

1. Promote products & services

Instagram Live Rooms are a great way to show how your products work. Livestreaming demonstrations of your products and/or services lets your audience see what your business can offer them firsthand.

With the Insta’s “Live Shopping” tool, viewers are able to easily buy products during a broadcast. This provides businesses with an effective way to make sales on Instagram.

You can also add links to your live broadcasts, which can increase click-throughs to your website, blog, and other social media links.

2. Make money with badges

Instagram Live Rooms enables a business to monetize its content through “badges,” while also developing an organic relationship to its following.

Viewers can buy Instagram badges to support your livestream while its happening to show they really like your content. Once they buy a badge, they’re put on your list of “badge holders” and get a special heart next to their names.

3. Host interactive classes

Holding classes via Live Rooms is great for almost any industry. You can host art classes, yoga sessions, cooking classes, and fitness workouts, just to name a few examples of ways your business can extend itself to consumers and leave a lasting impression. Hosting classes also prompts your audience to use the badge feature.

Up to four hosts can lead a portion of the class, each sharing their own expertise and knowledge. Live Rooms don’t just let you to create a broadcast; it’s also a way to engage with audiences and attract new followers and customers.

4. Organize giveaways

Using Live Rooms to coordinate giveaways is a creative way to interact with current or potential customers and raise engagement levels. Everyone loves free stuff! Giveaways are likely to gain the attention of consumers and make your business memorable to them.

You can even collaborate with other brands and invite two or three lucky customers to answer questions for a chance to win prizes!

5. Hold Q&As & feedback sessions

Instagram Live Rooms give you the chance to hear directly from your following. You may want feedback on:

  • What they like or dislike about your products/services
  • The type of content they want you to create
  • What questions they have about your new releases

Getting feedback from your audience will help you learn what your customers are really looking for. Plus, this is a good way to answer questions from customers and get some insight on any weaknesses your business may have. Joining a few followers in a Live Room gives you a chance to connect with your community and build brand loyalty.

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instagram live rooms business

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