8 Influencers Over 40: Never Let Age Define What You Can And Can’t Do

8 Influencers Over 40_ Never Let Age Define What You Can And Can't Do ladybossblogger.com

Within the world of social media influencing, there is a perception that influencers are all 20-something-year-olds, which is not true!

This post is dedicated to killer influencers over 40.

1. Jenifer Jenkins

Jennifer Jenkins Instagram influencers Ladybossblogger.com
Photo Credit: @jeniferjbeauty

Jenifer Jenkins is a Youtuber in her 40’s who creates videos around health, fashion, and beauty. 

She tailors the typical health/ beauty guru genre of YouTube to cater to women over 40. Jenkins reviews products that demonstrate fitness routines and has a fair amount of Amazon hauls.

Jenkins’s goal is to empower women of all ages to be the best versions of themselves!

2. Style at a Certain Age

Style At A Certain Age Instagram influencers ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @styleatacertainage

Beth Djalali is a fashion and style YouTuber in her 50’s. In her about page, she says the goal of her channel is to help women above a certain age feel confident in themselves through their clothing choices. 

She posts “fashion flashes” where she shows off her outfit of the day. She also has a blog with the same name as her YouTube channel. 

3. Cris Linnares

Chris Linnares Instagram influencers ladybossblogger.com
Photo Credit: @crislinnaresoficial

From Brasil, Linares has been featured in TED Talks and on TV before moving to YouTube. Her videos discuss overcoming fears and building confidence. 

She often discusses her faith, and psychology all while keeping a good sense of humor.

4. Noble Strength

Noble Strength youtube ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: Noble Strength channel

Audrey’s channel is all about faith, fashion, and art. In her introduction video, she describes her love for thrifting as a fashionista on a budget.

Amongst thrift hauls, Audrey also reviews purses and showcases multiple ways to style one piece of clothing. 

5. Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie Instagram Influencers Ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @stephmarie.7

A beauty and lifestyle guru in her 40’s, Marie’s channel is all about beauty tips in tricks for mature skin.

She highlights techniques that younger gurus do that are not effective for her audience. 

6. Tracey Gold Fashion Tips

Tracy Gold Instagram ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @tracy_gold_fashion_tips

Gold is a personal stylist and fashion vlogger, creating videos for mature women to get fashion inspiration.

Tips include ways to look slimmer and how to save on fashion. She has recently posted a series on how to dress modern. 

7. MrsMelissaM Beauty

Mrs Melissam Instagram Influencers ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: @mrsmelissam1

Melissa Mulder is a proud mature beauty guru. Her videos have blunt titles, such as “How to Contour a Fat Face & Look Thinner, Sagging Neck and Aging Face Look Younger”. 

Her videos also include topics about her weight loss journey and getting healthier.

8. Mel’s Makeup Mayhem!

Melissa Villanueva Youtube ladybossblogger.com
Photo credit: Melissa Villanueva youtube channel

Melissa Villanueva is another beauty guru on this list, but she also reviews perfumes! She even has a website where she sells fragrances. 

What’s super helpful about her perfume reviews is she goes into detail about where it would be appropriate to wear the fragrance. She paints a mood and fantasy for each fragrance description.

The social media scene can seem overly saturated with young faces in their 20’s. But there is space and a growing market for more mature influencers. 

This list is just a starting point, new influencers hit the social media scene every day. With a growing desire for age diversity!

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8 Influencers Over 40_ Never Let Age Define What You Can and Can't Do ladybossblogger.com

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